My ex signed a form to take me off of our apt lease. He was evicted, and it is now a judgement on MY credit!?

My ex signed the apt form to remove me from our apt lease, and 4 months later he was evicted. I had already moved out, and currently have my own apt (I have paid on time for 8 months now). I was never contacted or served with an eviction notice or court information. I happened to check my credit report, and saw the judgement on my credit. I contacted the apt office/manager to find out why I was added to the judgement, even though I was no longer a tenant. I was told that my info would not be sent to collections for owing this amount but that it will reflect on my credit/records. How do I remove the judgement (which I had no fault in & was never told of any court proceedings) from my records? My score has gone down!!

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  1. You have the right to appear in court and must be served with a subpoena as notification. You may be able to appeal this decision and get it thrown out if you weren’t served. Check with your local small claims court for the best information on this as it will vary from city to city. Just make sure you have all your proof. The court is the only authority to remove a judgement. After that it will be easy to get it removed from your credit report.

  2. Was the “form” approved and signed by the landlord? If not, it’s a legal judgment, because notice would have been sent to your “last known address” and your name is on the lease.

    If the landlord released you from the rental agreement in writing, you can ask the Court to issue a Judgment Release

    It’s important to note that the Judgment was added to your credit report when the Credit agency did a search, not by the Court sending a copy to the credit agencies.

    If down the road you receive a release from the Court – make sure your social security number is on the document and FILE it with the public records office in your county immediately, then the next time a search is done on your name, the release will appear.

    It will be a timely process but worth it.

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