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We cannot stress enough the importance of getting eviction notice forms specific to your state and in many cases city or county. Landlord-tenant law is a very state-specific area of law.  A form good in one state will get your eviction case dismissed in another. Many local governments add more requirements.

Find a law firm or eviction service where your rental property is located. Get forms there.

Our Washington state forms are posted by a Washington landlord-tenant attorney with many years of experience.

Washington Residential Eviction Notice Forms

Washington Residential Eviction Notice Forms (local forms required in some cities) “14 Day” Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate “10-Day” Notice to Comply or Vacate Notice to Terminate Tenancy (“20-Day” Notice) Seattle Eviction Notice Forms  Seattle eviction law requires specific information and some mandatory language.  Seattle Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate (Seattle “14-day” Notice) ...

Washington Commercial Eviction Forms

Washington commercial evictions usually start with an eviction notice (also known as an unlawful detainer notice). Commercial leases often grant more than the statutory minimum time for the tenant to cure defaults. Check you lease language. Note than under some interpretations of case law, triple-net and charges other than “rent” is the narrow sense must ...

Tacoma Eviction Forms

Tacoma law requires service of a resources page with all residential eviction notices, such as a notice to pay rent or vacate, notice to comply or vacate, notice to terminate tenancy, or waste/nuisance notice. For commercial tenancies, use our Washington state eviction notice forms. Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate Tacoma residential landlords must also serve the ...

Seattle Eviction Forms

These forms should be used for Seattle residential evictions. For Seattle commercial evictions, see our  commercial eviction forms. The eviction forms on this page are based on the laws of the state of Washington and the city of Seattle. Landlord-tenant laws vary. Eviction Forms that are proper in one location may not be proper for ...

Federal Way Residential Evictions

Federal Way has a residential just cause eviction law. Residential landlords may not evict a tenant except for certain enumerated grounds. These include failure to pay rent and material breaches of the rental agreement. The landlord may terminate a tenancy if the landlord lives in the same property and no longer wants to share the ...

California Firms Offering Eviction Forms

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