Does anyone know any good landlords that have houses 4 rent?

Hello My Name is kellyI am in need of a three or four bedroom house within the philadelphia area i really really need to move by august 21,2008 I am willing to pay at least 700.00 in a nice area I already have 1,400 for the security deposit. I f theres any honest landlords or realestates out there please contact me asap. I am a single mother of four wonderful kids. I am working so paying the rent will not be a problem. Iam clean and reliable hardworking and honest. I cannot continue to live in this one bed room apartment it is unfit the owner does not fix anything i have a leaky toliet form the upstairs apartment and my children needs their own rooms. I have one furry friend a small cat who is also clean have all shots and is well cared for. I work and also attend school. I am not on section eight i have been on the waiting list for 11 years and have not been called. My credit is not to good but that doesnt mean that i will not be a good tenant. I have no evictions.

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  1. Here is what you want to do:
    1. Fill out a “generic” application. Email me and I will send it to you. It has your personal info, social security #, driver’s license, etc., so they can do a credit check and some do a criminal check too. Have it ready so when you find a good place, you have all the info ready! Don’t give it to anyone unless they are serious and you are too.
    2. Go with Craigslist as Lisa V mentioned.
    3. Check with HUD, make another appointment. They probably need you to update your file. Maybe you qualify with school, or with 4 kids or they have new rules and you can get assistance now.
    4. The cat may need to go to a friend or neighbor. Many places don’t take pets. You will need an extra deposit if they do.
    5. Try to find the cheapest house in the best school district.
    Good luck.

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