Should I sue Landlord?

Long story short, we were given a notice from the city last week telling us that we need to move. I took the notice to a legal aid attorney and he said that we have to leave asap. That the city has condemned the place due to electrical problems. Well we have no where to go so we are staying until we find a room somewhere.Attorney said that should be fine as long as the landlord doesnt come and make us leave. But to find a place asap. My question is, can I sue my landlord for us having to move before our lease is up? Has anyone done this?

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  1. You can sue for inhabitable conditions, cost to relocate, breach of contract(lease), etc. If the home is being condemned due to the landlord’s negligence you can get help to relocate. You can stay until they physically remove you, but you do not have to pay any more rent for doing so. A landlord cannot charge rent for an uninhabitable dwelling. The first thing you should do is call the Department of Fair Housing(and Employment). Both Legal Aid and Legal Services of (State?) could help you fill out and file any kind of paper work. Personally, I have had much more success with Legal Services of (State ?). Good luck! By the way, I was in a similar situation and was able to get help from the Salvation Army for a 2 week stay in a nice motel.

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