My landlord is pending eviction for not paying rent on November 1 which is stated in black and white in lease?

They are threatening to evict me for not abiding by my lease. It states in black and white “First full months rent is due and payable not later than November 1.” When I called them and told them what my lease says, they said that there was a mistake and the person was to call me and tell me. The person who I dealt with was not the person who I talked to on the phone and the person on the phone was the person who wrote out my contract. Why did it take them a month to contact me? I went and spoke with an attorney and the attorney agreed that what was stated in my lease is right and the landlord is wrong considering it is a binding contract and they can not go back on their word. The owner of the company called the attorney back and told her that September 1 and October 1’s rent is due no later than November 1 with no late fees attached. But nowhere in my lease does it state anything about the first two months rent due by November 1. Only “First months rent is due and payable no later than November 1.” Now they are threatening a pending eviction on me. I have spoken to another tenant in my building and they let me see their lease and I let them see mine and they agree that what the landlord is doing is wrong. I have also spoken to two different Real Estate Agents and they told me that my lease specifically states rent to be due November 1. I have tried calling my landlord and even gone to talk to the owner and nobody will call me back. The only thing I’ve been responded with is pending eviction. What is going on and what rights do I have as a tenant? Can I sue for breach of contract since my landlord will not speak to me and resolve this matter? HELP!!!!

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