Landlord vandalized my property (pictures)..What can I do?

A few months ago while on vacation, landlord hired a new property manager for my building. I had turned the electricity off to save $$ while I was away. The new manager mistakenly assumed that the apartment had been abandoned. I was completely up to date on my rent, but he did not bother to even call and check with the office, and instead removed all of my property from the apartment and re-rented it!

After contacting the police and hiring an attorney, my property magically reappeared, I got a call from my landlord telling me I could pick it up from their offices. Well, I went to pick it up today and all of my stuff had been completely vandalized!. Paint thrown over my clothes, rotting food, spoiled milk and garbage mixed in with my clothes, photos albums were ripped to shreds and my computer was MISSING!

The police do NOTHING and wont even take a report..they tell me to take it Landlord-Tenant court like its a rent dispute or something, which is not an option.

What can I do?
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