Did you know that “Lehi” is the Israeli terrorist group that attacked the British in order to form Israel?

Lehi (IPA: [‘l?xi], Hebrew acronym for Lohamei Herut Israel, “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel”, ??”? – ????? ????? ?????) was an armed underground Zionist faction in the Palestine Mandate that had as its goal the eviction of the British from Palestine to allow unrestricted immigration of Jews and the formation of a Jewish state.

Isarel used terrorism to form the country…
I don’t hate Israel, but I do love the truth about all things in order to form an educated view of a matter. I often see people blaming the entire population of Palestine for the acts of terrorists yet I am certain that these same individuals are clueless as to the Israeli terrorists group(s).
In defense of Israel’s terrorists group, jack (below) states: “The difference between Freedom Fighters and Terrorists is that Freedom Fighters don’t go killing their own people or attacking others on foreign soil.”

Jack apparently isn’t aware that Lehi was listed as a terrorist organization ALSO jack ‘s own statement (copied above) would implie that the PLO and Hesbolah are Freedom Fighters as they do not attack their own people nor on foreign soil as Israel settlements is on Palestine soil. Next time, think it through jack, will ya…

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  1. David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Dyan were both involved with Lohamei Herut Israel.
    The difference between Freedom Fighters and Terrorists is that Freedom Fighters don’t go killing their own people or attacking others on foreign soil.

    If you believe that Israel used terrorism then what about the United States and their minute men

  2. It can be argued that Israel invented modern terrorism. Along with Lehi was the Irgun, headed by Menachem Begin. In 1946 they bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem (at the time under British authority). It was a direct attack against the British government, which maintained offices and housed soldiers at the hotel. The bombing, order by Begin, killed almost 100 people, and the group was officially recognized by British authorities as a terror organization.

    In July 2006, the Menachem Begin Centre held a celebration (attended by Benjamin Netanyahu, former members of Irgun, and other right-wing nuts) commemorating the 60th year anniversary of the bombing.

    In a display of incredible dishonesty and hypocrisy, they put the blame for the deaths on the British. Needless to say, the British did not attend and were not thrilled by the affair.


    Jack –

    There was no Israel at the time. What do you call the bombing of buildings for the sole purpose of killing as many people as possible?

    I’ll bet you call it terrorism when Palestinians do it in their ‘own’ illegally occupied homeland, or when Al-Qaeda flies planes into American buildings.

    But when Jews or Christians kill Arabs or Muslims – that is not terrorism in your book, is it?

    Isn’t is the truth that you don’t know a damn thing about the geopolitical history of the Middle East and only believe the garbage of whichever of the idiot dispensers of talking-points you worship most.

    You don’t even care that you are uninformed because you don’t think that non-Christian and non-white lives are really worth very much anyway, do you?

    And, the colonies absolutely were in rebellion against the British government. Had America lost its revolution, all of its Founding Fathers would have been hanged as traitors and history would have forgotten about them.

    But the point is that radical islamic terrorists learned from the Isralis and not colonial America. And while it is certainly true that there are many in the Middle East (and the rest of the world) that would like to see Israel destroyed – it is equally true that Israel wants to kill every palestinian on the face of the earth.

    The only difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is which side you are on – and EVERYONE thinks that they are the freedom fighters and the other guys are the terrorists. And that is as close to the truth as there is.

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