How can I evict ex boyfriend?

I’m located in Sarasota, Florida. I’ve been trying to get my ex to move out for months now and have been given the run around! I’ve reached my breaking point and am ready to go threw the eviction process ( whatever it takes to get him out) The only problem is I cannot find any informaion on how to evict him….. The eviction is not for nopayment of rent I just want him out. He pays weekly and I know that I don’t need a reason to evict him, but I don’t know which process I need to take for this case being it’s not for nonpayment…. Already checked with the clerks office and their not allowed to give me any advice. please help me I want to do this right so he can’t get off and be allowed to stay because I didn’t fill out the right papers!!

How do I put my rent into escrow and do I need an attorney?

I live in Maryland. the apartment complex I live in is like a slum landlord. We have had a mice infestation for over 2 years and they just bought and exterminator out to do something about it 2 weeks ago. We also have an infestation of ants and now we believe that we have also found roaches. They’re trying to blame it on the construction in the area, but the contrusction only startedd in the past year. When we put in maintenance calls, they don’t respond, take they’re time responding, or say that they handled the problem and did not. Also we have had to change the locks on the door because someone from the maintenance staff was in our apartment eating the food, watching the TV, and we have had DVD’s and CD’s go missing but nobody knows anything.