which forms do i need? sue police and apartment?

A friend of mine doesnt know which forms to get.
is this the right site ? http://lasuperiorcourt.org/ ???

he wants to sue his old apartment complexe over an eviction (over $5,000)

and also wants to sue the l.a police for over $5,000


eviction after foreclosure, Unlawful Detainer needed or go right to Writ of Possession?

I acquired a house by foreclosure due to due to lack of monthly payments by the previous owner for money I provided as a second loan. I had the previous owner served with a three-day “Notice to Quit” per CCP 1161a(b)(3) (California law). Five days later I began filling in an Unlawful Detainer (UD-100) and noticed at the bottom of the first page “Do not use this form for evictions after sale (Code Civ. Proc. para. 1161a)”.
My question is: what (California) form should I use to proceed with the eviction?

how to respond to eviction summons?

fell on some badddd times ughhh so how do i file a response to an eviction summons in california? like where do i send it,i know where to get the forms but where do i send the forms after? thanks so much
oh its from the landlord

Where can I find the proper procedure to evict tenants in Pennsylvania?

My tenants are 15 days late and giving me the run around. I have been searching the internet but I haven’t found what I need. Can someone please point me in the direction of the proper procedures and forms necessary to file for eviction and also for recovery of rent? They have the money to pay, but I get the feeling they want me to evict them because they never planned on staying that long. Can I sue them after they are evicted for the remaining 9 months of the lease? I’m in a college town and won’t be able to find new tenants until June 1st 2008. Any help would be greatly appreciated I’m obviously new to this.

Minnesota Eviction Expungement form.?

As shown here:

My girlfriend wants to know if she can get her eviction expunged. She rented a town home seven years ago with two other tenants and after six months was evicted for failing to pay rent.

They never contacted her. She tried to get an apartment last week and they told her that because she had an eviction notice on her record she needed to contact the landlord of that property and get proof she didn’t owe them anything.

They said she owed them $4,000 for cleaning, back rent and other misc fees. Don’t feel bad for the landlord, they made over $8,000 in rent and were able to write off $12,000 in income taxes.

She asked for a detailed bill which said she owed them $0.00 because everything had been written off as bad debt. That $0.00 was crossed out and $12,000 was put in it’s place. Then they said that they would accept $6,000 if she could come up with it.

It doesn’t seem legal for them to ask for money that they have already taken a tax write off on. Because it was seven years ago, they can’t even amend their taxes to correct it so these seems outright fraudulent and I have a feeling that any court would agree that if the debt is written off, it is gone. Is this a good reason for getting an expungement?

It also says that if you can prove that it is in the best interest of the public that she be allowed to expunge the record that it should be so. What are good arguments for proving that it would be in the best interest of the public?
She is trying to get an apartment with me, her mom and her mentally handicapped 20 year old brother. I think the benefit to the state is that they aren’t homeless and not breaking fire code. Together we make over 100,000 a year. But since I am on unemployment until I go to basic training I don’t qualify to co-sign. She has been evicted so she cannot cosign and since the little brother is a vulnerable adult he can’t cosign (even though he has a job and gets social security). Her mom cannot afford triple the rent of a 3 bedroom apartment so we would have to move into a 2 bedroom which exceeds number of people allowed in the dwelling.