New CDC Eviction Moratorium

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued an eviction moratorium covering essentially all residential properties. To qualify for protection the tenant must provide the landlord with a declaration under penalty of perjury that the tenant has used best efforts to obtain all available government assistance for rent or housing; expect to earn for 2020 no […]

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CHOP Chaos Alleged in Class Action

People defecating in a building lobby. Assaults and harassment. Trespassing and vandalism. Numerous reports of sexual assaults. A man shot, dying while a mob chasses off emergency responders. Police ignoring 9-1-1 calls for help; the area so out of control they say that cannot enter it. A condominium owner “physically assaulted by a CHOP participant […]

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New York Eviction Moratorium Challenge Dismissed

A federal judge struck down constitutional challenges to Governor Cuomo’s eviction moratorium orders. The moratorium allows tenants to apply security deposits to rent provided the tenant replenishes the funds on a defined schedule, and temporarily prohibits landlords from starting an eviction against tenants facing financial hardship related to the pandemic. The Governor’s Orders did not […]

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Landlords Sue City of Los Angeles

Many landlords “have mortgages on their properties that they are unable to pay without a steady stream of rental income.” Landlords “rely on rental income to maintain and secure their properties and pay employees, among other operating and personal expenses, including payment for food and housing for their own families.” Landlords are “also required to […]

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Seattle First in Time Law Upheld

The Washington State Supreme Court recently upheld the Seattle First in Time law. Landlords had challenged the law as unconstitutional. A trial court struck down the First in Time law, but the Supreme Court overturned the trial court and upheld the law. Seattle residential landlords must post their rental criteria and documentation needed for each […]

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Portland Passes Tenant Screening Restrictions

The Portland, Oregon city council recently passed new laws restricting landlords in screening for rental applicants. Landlords must give 72 hours notice before accepting applications, then are required to accept the first qualified applicant. The income and credit score requirements landlords may use are capped. Landlords’ use of criminal background checks is limited. The new […]

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Washington Legislature Passes Landmark Landlord-Tenant Reforms

Washington state's landlord-tenant laws have undergone an overhaul. Learn more from a landlord-tenant lawyer about how this affects your residential rentals.

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Rent Control Coming to Oregon

Oregon is expected to enact rent control in the near future. Is this a good idea? A consensus of economists is that it is a bad idea. Liberal and conservative economists both conclude that rent control is bad economics. In a 1992 survey the American Economic Association found 93% of economists agreed that a “ceiling […]

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Our eviction lawyer practices landlord-tenant law in King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Thurston counties in the state of Washington.  We handle residential, commercial, and post-foreclosure evictions. We provide eviction service for landlords in residential eviction cases, and represent both landlord and tenant clients in commercial eviction cases. An experienced and reputable eviction lawyer will handle your eviction case from start to finish at a competitive rate.


If a tenant does not comply with the initial eviction notice, or does not voluntarily vacate at the end of the lease term, the landlord must litigate the eviction case in court (known as an unlawful detainer action).

Contact a landlord-tenant lawyer with any questions about how these laws affect you as a landlord.


New Landlord-Tenant Laws

Many new residential lanlord-tenant laws have been enacted at both the state and local levels. State law requires a 14-day notice for residential tenants and gives tenants more procedural rights in court. Seattle, Tacoma, Burien, and Federal Way have all enacted new landlord-tenant laws. With all the new laws it is more important than ever to consult with a lawyer before taking any action.

New Seattle Landlord-Tenant Laws

There are several new Seattle laws regarding residential landlord-tenant law, including:

  • Residential Eviction Moratorium
  • Commercial Eviction Moratorium
  • Inability to pay as a defense
  • Installment Rent Payment Plans
  • Winter Eviction Ban

Burien just cause eviction.

Burien residential landlords must have just cause to evict tenants. The Burien just cause eviction law is similar to the Seattle just cause eviction law.


Tacoma Residential Evictions

Tacoma residential landlord-tenant laws impose many requirements on landlords. These include

  • 60 days notice of rent increases
  • Giving all tenants a Landlord-Tenant Law Summary
  • Serving a Resources Guide with all eviction notices
  • accepting deposits in installments
  • 60 days notice to terminate month-to-month tenancies

Federal Way Eviction Laws

Federal Way has local eviction laws that limit grounds for eviction and require additional language in eviction notices.