Washington Commercial Eviction Forms

Washington commercial evictions usually start with an eviction notice (also known as an unlawful detainer notice).

Commercial leases often grant more than the statutory minimum time for the tenant to cure defaults. Check you lease language.

Note than under some interpretations of case law, triple-net and charges other than “rent” is the narrow sense must be on a “10-Day” notice to comply or vacate, even if the lease defines these items as additional rent. While under current Washington landlord-tenant law this could be argued either way, it may be safest to separate these charges and put them on the notice to comply or vacate.

The landlord may serve more than one notice at the same time, if applicable.

Commercial “3 Day” Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate

Commercial “10-Day” Notice to Comply or Vacate

Commercial Notice to Terminate Tenancy (“20-Day” Notice)