In the state of Florida, how many days do you have to move once you are ordered an eviction?

We lost the law suit with the court but when we got the letter in the mail form the Judge it did not say how may days we had to leave.

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  1. After a Judgment is signed and a Writ of Possession is issued and served on the tenant, the tenant has 24 hours to vacate unless the Judge stays the eviction proceedings. The sheriff will authorize the landlord to remove all personal belongings from the house after 24-hours and give possession of the property back to the landlord.

    The sheriff may physically remove you from the home and toss you out into the street so I would get out ASAP.

  2. It does not state, however it appears the matter is then turned over to the sheriff so I would get out as soon as possible if I were you. If the sheriff shows up, you are out right then, ready or not.

    83.241 Removal of tenant; process.–After entry of judgment in favor of plaintiff the clerk shall issue a writ to the sheriff describing the premises and commanding the sheriff to put plaintiff in possession.

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