I was taken to court and evicted in WI last March do I still need to pay the landlord?

Last March I was taken to court and evicted from a property in WI, where the landlord waited 6 months to evict me from. He knew I was having financial problems and was trying to find another place to stay. He knew I just had a baby and seemed very understanding that I would get caught up on the past due rent, which I had every intention of doing so. Long story short I was not able to find another place to live for me and my children and he ultimately took me to court. My fiance at the time sent me money for a one way ticket out of the country to come be with him. I informed the judge of my plans and he only told me he wanted me to complete a financial disclosure form before I left. I did so and have not heard from anyone since regarding what I owe the previous landlord. I am now starting to finally get back on my feet, yes I am back in the USA, and am wondering how to proceed.On Wisconsin’s circuit court access website it just shows the amount of the civil judgment, does that mean I owe that amount? I’m confused by it all. I don’t want to have a huge amount being owed and not know about it. Yes I was wrong to let it go this long so please don’t judge me for it. Also does a eviction stay on your record for 10 years after the court date or after everything has been paid? thank you so much for any and all advice!

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  1. If the landlord has a civil judgment against you for “X” dollars, then that is what you owe. If you have already paid it, then you can file a “satisfaction of judgment” with the court so it will no longer show up.

    If I were you, I’d go to the clerk’s office and get a copy of the judgment – if any – that was filed. Then I’d contact the landlord or his attorney to make payment arrangements.

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