About to get evicted with 5 month old baby…..?

My and my fiancee are going through a hard time, our car was repossessed, he lost his job, and i have yet to find work since having a baby girl 5 months ago. we are 2 months behind on our rent and just received the eviction papers a week ago. i mailed off a letter to the plaintiff attorney stating the reasons why i think we shouldn’t be forced to move but i have a feeling it doesn’t really matter and that i will be receiving a 24 hr notice any day now. is there any way to slow down the eviction process and buy some time. and any advice to me about where we are supposed to go…we live in broward county florida and i contacted EVERY rental assistance agencies churches and all and no one has funds. even the homeless shelters have waiting lists. what am i supposed to do?? please someone offer me some kind of advice. and no mean answers please. do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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