I am a Texas Residential landlord, tenant has pet and is not paying pet deposit: 3 day or 30 day Notice?

I have a Residential Hud Tenant whose security deposit was pro-rated and she has not paid AND she has a dog and has not paid a pet deposit. I want to serve her with an eviction notice: what form do I use..”Notice to Vacate” – 3 day notice or a 30 day notice? These items are a breach to the rental agreement.

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  1. A 30 day will make you seem less of an ogre and give them time to do something about it. 3 days barely gives any breathing room, especially coming at them suddenly.

  2. You should try mrlandlord.com, this is a great tool for all of the Landlords! I am not from TX so I can’t tell you either way, but thought I would share this website with you.

    Good luck, I just don’t like the lying tenants!

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