Landlord has not returned deposit check within 30 days time?

Landlord has not returned deposit check within 30 day time? I rented an apartment in Canonsburg, Pa and put up with flooding, heating issues, and lack of maintenance problems for the entire year of my lease, but I sucked it up. My lease ended on the 30 of April 2010. I went into the landlord’s […]

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legal help with landlord?

I found out from a listing in my local newspaper that the house im renting is in foreclosure and scheduled for auction May 4, 2010. I have tried to contact the landlord/property manager, with no success. I was able to confront my landlord face to face about the listing and the fact that the bank […]

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Landlord verbally agreed to break lease, won’t put it in writing…what to do??

Our business has two years left on its lease. The building is a dump, to the point where I cannot conduct business here and people have turned down jobs because of the state of disrepair of the building. When I signed the lease I included a letter stating I was signing on the condition that […]

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Illinois – My landlord unlocked the door and came in my apartment? Is this legal?

Early today my roommate and I were asleep when we both were awakened by a god awful pounding on the door. Then I heard my roommate scream from the other room, but I just figured it was one of our friends who always pounds on our door that way because I didn’t hear any further […]

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About to get evicted with 5 month old baby…..?

My and my fiancee are going through a hard time, our car was repossessed, he lost his job, and i have yet to find work since having a baby girl 5 months ago. we are 2 months behind on our rent and just received the eviction papers a week ago. i mailed off a letter […]

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Landlord vandalized my property (pictures)..What can I do?

A few months ago while on vacation, landlord hired a new property manager for my building. I had turned the electricity off to save $$ while I was away. The new manager mistakenly assumed that the apartment had been abandoned. I was completely up to date on my rent, but he did not bother to […]

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Is it Illegal to Collect rent on a property that is in foreclosure?

I am a landlord for a trailer park. The property is in foreclosure. The property is owned by a development company. There is attorney calling me and telling me I cannot collect rent b/c of the foreclosure or they will take me to jail. Yet my boss tells me to keep collecting… What should I […]

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My landlord is pending eviction for not paying rent on November 1 which is stated in black and white in lease?

They are threatening to evict me for not abiding by my lease. It states in black and white “First full months rent is due and payable not later than November 1.” When I called them and told them what my lease says, they said that there was a mistake and the person was to call […]

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Our eviction lawyer practices landlord-tenant law in King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Thurston counties in the state of Washington.  We handle residential, commercial, and post-foreclosure evictions. We provide eviction service for landlords in residential eviction cases, and represent both landlord and tenant clients in commercial eviction cases. An experienced and reputable eviction lawyer will handle your eviction case from start to finish at a competitive rate.


If a tenant does not comply with the initial eviction notice, or does not voluntarily vacate at the end of the lease term, the landlord must litigate the eviction case in court (known as an unlawful detainer action).

Contact a landlord-tenant lawyer with any questions about how these laws affect you as a landlord.


New Landlord-Tenant Laws

Many new residential lanlord-tenant laws have been enacted at both the state and local levels. State law requires a 14-day notice for residential tenants and gives tenants more procedural rights in court. Seattle, Tacoma, Burien, and Federal Way have all enacted new landlord-tenant laws. With all the new laws it is more important than ever to consult with a lawyer before taking any action.

New Seattle Landlord-Tenant Laws

There are several new Seattle laws regarding residential landlord-tenant law, including:

  • Residential Eviction Moratorium
  • Commercial Eviction Moratorium
  • Inability to pay as a defense
  • Installment Rent Payment Plans
  • Winter Eviction Ban

Burien just cause eviction.

Burien residential landlords must have just cause to evict tenants. The Burien just cause eviction law is similar to the Seattle just cause eviction law.


Tacoma Residential Evictions

Tacoma residential landlord-tenant laws impose many requirements on landlords. These include

  • 60 days notice of rent increases
  • Giving all tenants a Landlord-Tenant Law Summary
  • Serving a Resources Guide with all eviction notices
  • accepting deposits in installments
  • 60 days notice to terminate month-to-month tenancies

Federal Way Eviction Laws

Federal Way has local eviction laws that limit grounds for eviction and require additional language in eviction notices.