HELP!!!! Landlord stole everything from apartment and police will not help!?

My landlord recently went into my apartment, changed the locks, and took everything I own.

After I hired an attorney, my landlord admitted that he did not in fact ever go to court to evict me and had no legal reason. After lawyer filed a case against him in court, landlord became scared and agreed to meet me to return my belongings.

However, he has failed to do so. And under the law, it meets every single definition for theft of property.

I have tried to file a report for theft of property 3 times.

Every time I get a police officer to listen, he calls the landlord, who flat out LIES to the officer and tells him that he has a warrant of eviction (i.e. legal permission to remove my things). But the officer never presses him to produce official proof (index number) and takes him at his word and tells me they will not let me file a report for stolen property because the landlord legally evicted me. They then tell me it me MY job to to prove to them I was not evicted!

John R- I am already suing in civil court. I would like them punished in criminal court was well, which is why I am attempting to file charges.

Also, the landlord is not putting any agreement in writing. The offer to return my things is a stall tactic….every time we are due to meet, they never show up. I believe they have already disposed my property.

Also, please do not tell me to have my attorney do anything. I am paying $500 dollars an hour to him! I can’t afford to ask him to do addtional work for me right now….that’s why I asked what to do on here.


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  1. go to the court spend 35 dollars and sue for the value of your items. then the proof will be on the other foot.

    make sure you have the day time you called the p.d. who you talked to.

  2. Unfortunately, they are correct. It IS incumbent upon you to prove that you were not evicted because you are attempting to bring charges against the landlord. All is not lost, however – Since your attorney filed a lawsuit and got an agreement from the landlord to return you property (which should be in writing), you can present that agreement to the police to prove that the property is supposed to be in your custody. In such case, the police would be enforcing a court order (if you had this agreement validated in court with your attorney).

    My recommendation would be to contact your attorney and advise him of the noncompliance of the landlord and see what your attorney recommends. Also, I would hold onto the documentation of all of the times that you had the police come out to the premises to attempt to get your property (including the officer’s name(s) and ID numbers) for evidence in court of your attempts to retrieve your property and the statements of the landlord.

    You may have to refile this case to get a full court order if you don’t already have the agreement in writing.

    Good luck!

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