Have renter from hell and also a felon who lies.?

I have issued a 20 day eviction but the renters are still there. He has 2 felony charges against him for level 4 Domestic Abuse, denies both. Is sueing me in Small Claims for $5,000. Manufactured the reasons as follows -Misrepresenting rental property,- failure to repair- and harrassment. This yahoo has changed the locks w/o giveing me a key. Has never sent info. to me regarding the complaints. Rent has been paid up until last month and now this month…Today 3/3/09.
The District Court in Skagit Co, WA.state has 7 official forms to file, w/ a charge of $150 to do this. I depend on this rent for my livelihood, and w/ 2 months w/o rent and a bogus small claims charge, I am terrifyed.
This guy used as an excuse for no credit history when he applied to rent the home that he had been out of the country for 8yrs.. Found out he was in and out of prison on various drug violations during that time! Since he is a felon, he is not entitled to free legal representation and has hired a lawyer and thinks I am going to be the wallet for this attorney.
Please help me w/ ideas as to getting rid of this bad guy other than me paying an attorney to do the job or finding sumi wrestlers. (My 1st choice!)

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  1. stick with your eviction. have the sheriff remove him if he doesn’t leave according to the eviction. go to court and represent yourself. have in hand his application that he filled out, proof that he is a felon, proof that he lied. the rental contract itself. pay the $150 , be able to prove what you are sayin, and don’t worry. judges in these kinds of cases are really reasonable and fair.

  2. 1. Always counter sue. Turn him into a defendant.
    2. Collect all factual information on him for your case.
    3. Continue with the eviction process.

    Remember it may just be simpler and cheaper to pay him to leave. Give him a small payment when he signs the mutual release form and the rest when he has left the property. The dollar amount is up to you but start small.

  3. The harsh reality is, had you properly screened this tenant BEFORE letting him move into your rental … you would not be in this situation.

    I would highly recommend that you hire an attorney that specializes in landlord/tenant cases ASAP. You now need to protect yourself and your interests legally.

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