How long of nonpayment to be evicted in Florida?

I could have sworn I read somewhere that you had to be 2 or more months behind on your rent before a landlord can even think of starting the eviction process, has that changed? Or did I read it wrong?! Please clarify. I am 11 days late & shes already threatening, I dont have any reason not to pay but hubby & I just lost our jobs, & are waiting to get some money, but she wont budge.

What are the rules of eviction for a condo in Florida?

IM currently living with someone paying rent (but not on the lease) she is the owner…The condo board of directors wants want to evict me for noise disturbance.(Ok an argument or two but who doesn’t have arguments at times meaning every few months) I used to rent at the complex then moved in with her. The complex gave me permission when I first moved into the building. What are the laws for not just evicting me but my legal rights if any. What is the process? Thanks for your help!

Eviction in Florida how long does this take?

what is the process in florida to evict on a verbal agreement. the understanding was the renter and the landlord are friends for 40yrs and the renter was told his payment will be used towards the payment of the house and down the road the renter would be purchasing the property, then comes to find out the landlord has not paid his mortgage in 2 yrs. now the landlord decided to call the cops and they said it would probably take 3 weeks, can the renter be sued? thanks so much

how long does an eviction in florida take?

how long does the process typically take for florida renters? my friend just got a 5-day notice towards the end of the second month but they say they know people who got evicted after 3 months. they’re unemployed and dont have anywhere to go. time is all they can depend on right now. any helpful advice/info is appreciated.