BB USA, Do you think Natalie’s Deception could be what gets her Evicted…?Spoilers?

The Pandora’s Box Twist may or may not contain a saving grace in the form of a KEY.
A KEY which Natalie didn’t want anyone else to find and even LIED to Jeff to keep him from finding it.

But Jeff FOUND the Key anyway.
Natalie tried to keep Jeff out of the HOH room so he wouldn’t be able to unlock Kevin with the key and set off the flood of money in the back yard.

BB has yet to reveal the Significance of the Pandora Twist on the Game
In the Story at the Bottom Pandora’s Box lies HOPE
That’s where the KEY was…
Jeff has the KEY

What if on the LIVE Show BB tells them the Key gives the holder the option of removing himself from the block.

It wouldn’t be a big leap after all a getting a KEY keeps an HG OFF the Block in the Nomination Ceremony.
That would leave Kevin with an open slot to fill and Natalie on the Block with Jordan !

And Michelle and Jeff the only voters…LOL

Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if Natalie’s Deception and Greed led to her Eviction…?
And for ALL the Jeff Haters before you EVEN start .

The Pandora’s Box Challenge took place PRIOR to Jeff being put on the BLOCK .

So quit with the BB conspiracy theories.
ANYONE of the HG’s could of found the KEY.
Natalie could of easily !!! She was keeping Jeff away from it !!!
This is what Alison Grodner said about the MYSTERY DOOR..
.“I’m gonna tease. There is a secret door that will weigh into the HOH. It’s something we’ve had planned for a while. I wouldn’t call it a power. It’s just something that’s been added to the HOH’s (responsibility).”
She was talking about the DOOR in the HOH Room.

However the Twist itself was called PANDORA’S BOX ….
And there was a note about the GREED of the HG’s and what would happen if they fell pray to it !
Jeff chose NOT too
He took the time to go and unlock Kevin and THEN go get money the others did not.
So the question is will Jeff be rewarded for NOT allowing GREED to take over ?
That’s the Twist ….

Natalie could of but she didn’t ! She lied.What’s new…

I was just evicted from my rented Missouri property. I lost most of my property. Do I have any rights?

My landlord filed a judgment against me for rent. I paid rent owed before the court date but still owed late fees. I didnt think I needed to go to court and I had called the landlords attorney on 3 seperate occasions without a response. I didnt go to court and later received a notice of a judgment against me. My fault for not going to court anyway. Fast forward about 40 days and I got home 2 days ago after work(6pm) and there was a notice from the Sherriff that I was being evicted the next day at 11am. I called my landord with no response. I called her again the following morning with no answer/no response. I had a meeting first thing and when I got out of my meeting at 10am I had 2 messages from the sherriff thay they were removing my property and thay I needed to get out there with a moving truck. I got there 2 hours later and everyone was gone as were most of my property. Most of the property left was damaged or destoryed. Do I have any rights here? Or is this just how it works?

Crazy tenants – please advise!!?

This is my third post about this matter and I really appreciate everyones advise. As you may or may not know, we made the mistake of locking in a tenant into a 3 year lease that has been horrible from day one – that are aggressive, vicious, constantly causing trouble and are very clearly trying to get money out of us. We recently had a situation with the heating of the house that we fixed within 24 hours. Since then, we have sent them TWO certified letters in the mail, none of which they have signed for.
The most recent is an important letter stating that they are in breach of contract. Per the advise of people on this board, we sent them a letter after they REFUSED to confirm the names and number of people living in our house. We have the original names from when they first moved in on the lease but our township recently sent us a form that they wanted filled out w this info (and we are suspicious that someone else is living there anyway). They refused to give us this info and we sent them a letter stating they have a week to get back to us with the name and until then they are in breach of contract. The next step I am assuming would be to send them an eviction notice but at this point, knowing how vicious they are, I’m scared. Every time someone goes to the house, they scream and yell and intimidate them. If they aren’t accepting our letters, what can we do? Essentially they won’t let us communicate with them (despite the fact that they constantly send US letters).
What should we do? They are very much so after us and since they are pretty poor, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have played this game before to bring someone to court. What does one do when they don’t sign for letters? If we evict them, do they have to move out? How can they refuse to give us this basic information?
Please advise on what we should do next:( Thanks so much!