Can crooked landlord come after me legally?

I was injured on a slippery walkway at my apartment building. As a result I had a broken tailbone. Since the landlord was not agreeable to cover the medical expenses I had to hire a personal injury attorney. Shortly after receiving a letter that my landlord was being sued to cover the costs, he sent me a letter (dated 2/11/2011)demanding I move out by 4/30/11 and if I did not return keys by this date an eviction may be instituted against me. Since living here has been such a horrible experience I had no problem following that letter and made all the necessary plans to move by the end of April. I paid April rent and am ready to go. My lease was due to expire May 31 but I had no problem following his order to move by April 30. His first letter broke the lease but I was fine with that.

Than a few days ago he sends me another letter (duplicate dated 3/31/2011) ordering I move out by 5/31/2011 and say I’m responsible for May rent. There is no way in hell I’m paying another month of rent to live here when he ordered me out April 30 in his first letter.

So I’m worried he can/will try to sue me for May rent. He says the first letter sent on Feb 11th was with the date of April 30 move out was an “error”! So I make plans to move and put money for a new place and turn my life upside down so am I right to say I’m not responsible for May rent since he ordered me out April 30 in his first letter? I still have the first letter.

Is this a discrimination situation?

We moved into a mobile home park in october 07. In January of 07 a rule was passed that no dogs over 40 pounds are to reside in the park. However, they let us move in with a 75 pound dog which is very well mannered 1/2 golden/1/2 Australian Shepherd. He is our sons dog and once our son moved to the country he took him. We were wanting another puppy and was blessed with a 6 week Golden Retriever. Now their saying we can’t keep him because he will be over 40 pounds. A Doberman, Grey Hound, Chocolate Lab and other over 40 pound dogs reside here and they say its because their Grandfathered in. We are facing eviction if we do not get rid of our puppy. I see no fairness in this situation and I am home with this puppy most of the time. Other rules are being broken in the park as well like motorcycles (rules state no motorcycles) & people living with family members who are not registered and back ground checked. I don’t care what everyone else is doing it is their business. I am just wondering if this is a form of discrimination. Help! Our neighbors all disagree with the parks decision too. They are witness to us keeping very good control of our pet. Please I need input! Meanwhile we are looking for a place as I am not getting rid of our Golden!
The rulel went into effect in Jan. 07 and they let us move in on Oct. 07 with our 75 pound dog. How could this be grandfathered legally?

I want to file a criminal complaint against my landlord?

I am going through an eviction process due to the lies that my landlord filed against me. I am appealing this evection but my attorney is not representing me in any way shape or form. at the inital hearing the lawyer told the judge that she didnt think that there was anything she could say to keep the land lord from evicting me and she said she didnt understand the charges that the landlord claimed I owed her so the judge granted possesion of the apartment and the money that she was suing me for. I have had continus harrassment from the landlord that has been directed at both myself and my 8 year old son. just recently I was given a notice that the apartments were going to be inspected on 03/09 it did not give a time. While I was in the shower they were pounding onmy door and then they let themselvs in. Once I heard their voices I told them to get the hell out of the apartment that I was in the shower. They contuined with their inspection as well as sending the repair man in to the bathroom while I was in the shower to see if the faucet was leaking. I repeadtly told her to get out of the apartment and she said that it was not my apartment and contuined with the inspection. When I got out of the shower I called the police and told them I wanted to press charges. They took my statement and said they were going to talk to her. She told them I was not in the shower I was in my bedroom screaming for her to get out and that I threatned to kick her ass if Ishe didnt. I opene the door and I asked her how she could straight out lie like that. At this time there was a third cop there who had not taken my statment and he told me he was not going to let me pres charges and that if I wanted somthing done to call my attorney which is what I did and she told me she couldnt do anthing. I called back to speak to the attorneys supervisor and I was told she was in charge and there was no one above her. I dont know what to do she lies about everything and everyone believes her because she tells them I am trying to get back at her for evicting me. If that was the case I would be making complaints to the police all the time for what she dose but I dont I just sit back and take it because no body believes me and I just dont know what to do. I have tried calling her boss but they wont take my calls my attorney wont represent me and I dont know where to go to file a complaint if the police wont let me file one.