after an incident can you be evicted?

o.k. we are renting to own from my father, on christmas morning we were watching my sisters dog “who lives with him” and the dog bit my husband making him go to the hospital for infection and a tetnis shot. My father finds out about the bite and get’s mad at us and tell us to get out of HIS house and says he’s going to have us put in prison “nonsense” and have our children taken from us, Yes this really stemmed from a dog bite. So now he’s served us with an eviction notice and to me it seems stupid because we’re paying his mortgage payment to the lady he’s financing this place through and we have homeowners insurance on the place that he wanted us to carry on the house because WE were buying it from him. So this just baffles me because it doesn’t seem legal because it’s a form of retaliation??????? please help cause I’m looking into getting a good lawyer
just so you know we didn’t harm the dog what so ever
also we have tried to finance but he kept telling us to wait on it, also we stay because everything we have has gone into this house in remodeling it, not to mention the labor, why should we have done it all for free if he was never gonna sell it to us?

LANDLORD FROM HELL issue. ???????????

I was injured on a slippery walkway at my apartment building. As a result I had a broken tailbone. Since the landlord was not agreeable to cover the medical expenses I had to hire a personal injury attorney. Shortly after receiving a letter that my landlord was being sued to cover the costs, he sent me a letter (dated 2/11/2011)demanding I move out by 4/30/11 and if I did not return keys by this date an eviction may be instituted against me. Since living here has been such a horrible experience I had no problem following that letter and made all the necessary plans to move by the end of April. I paid April rent and am ready to go. My lease was due to expire May 31 but I had no problem following his order to move by April 30. His first letter broke the lease but I was fine with that.

Than a few days ago he sends me another letter (duplicate dated 3/31/2011) ordering I move out by 5/31/2011 and say I’m responsible for May rent. There is no way in hell I’m paying another month of rent to live here when he ordered me out April 30 in his first letter.

So I’m worried he can/will try to sue me for May rent. Am I right to say I’m not responsible since he ordered me out April 30 in his first letter? I have copies of both letters

Spousal visa to go to Britain?! HELP!?

My husband is from the U.K. and he moved over to the U.S. almost four years ago and we’ve been here ever since. We have two children now as well and life is not going very well over here. In fact we were given our second eviction notice and we need to go back to the U.K.

We are currently trying to figure out the spousal visa process to get myself (I’m a U.S. citizen) and our two children to the U.K to live permanently. We have read that if we don’t have any physical money that we will need someone to support us over there.

How does this work? Can we move over to Britain without having the form signed to have someone support us? We will be staying with my husband’s grandparent’s till my husband gets a job which he will start looking for immediately upon landing and then getting our own house, but of course we need support in that meantime.

Any advice would be BRILLIANT right now. We are panicking right now. We literally have one try at this right now. We are waiting for my two son’s passports to come back and our Federal income tax return to pay for flights, visas and baggage. . . . thank you so much!
We do live in the poorest part of the country. We live to the south and live in Oklahoma and my husband is having a hard time getting a job here. Not because he’s not qualified. He has an associate and bachelors in I.T. and no one will employ him. Not even Mcdonalds. We have no choice right now. We are being evicted and we have no where to go. No where and my family is not there to support us here. My husband is skilled and in Britain they will recognize his degrees unlike here.