LEGAL HOME WORK QUESTION…I need all the help I can get. Thank you?

alicia. beth and cindy are 19.18 and 17 years old respectively. all are students at sju. the sign a lease for a 3 bedroom hous together with their parents from zonal rental inc. the lease requires maintenance by the renters alicia washes her car on a cold night in the driveway. beth as she leaves for school slips on the ice that formed overnight, falls through a stair railing ,is severely injured and with draws from school. she threatens suit for her injuries and lost rent. the landlord threatens countersuit eviction and cross suits against the parents and students. discuss the nrights liabilites and defenses of all involved. be complete

Any help I can get on this would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Finding an apartment?

I had an apartment and when i was layed off in december my unemployment checks were not enough to pay rent. I told my situation to my landlord, and also managed to find a job by the end of February and explained to them when i could pay them. The eviction process had already been started but they said they would work with me on paying them back but they wanted all the money in one shot or none of it at all. i came home 3 days later and found a 24hour eviction notice. i need to find another place but i dont think anyone will rent to me with an eviction on my record. Will my only option to get a place be to live in a bad, rundown area or can i find a decent place?? I live in Florida, if that helps…
I was able to pay rent in december and january. I couldnt for feb. march. i was evicted april 3rd i believe.