Can an old landlord go after me for rent after a 30 day notice has been submitted?

I had a lease with a particular (shady) Los Angeles Management Co. from October 23, 2005 to October 23, 2006. Due to irreconcilable differences with my former (flaky and overall manipulative) roommate, I moved out on November 25, 2006. I sent them the notice to vacate on October 8, and rent was paid in full. When I later called to confirm its receipt, I was given the complete runaround. (I have copies of the letter and lease) After discussing the issue with an attorney, I was informed that once I move out I was no longer liable for rent on the apartment. I then proceeding with moving out. About three months later I got a call from the manager informing me that the rent was consistently being turned in late. Essentially, they are trying to go after me for rent on an apartment I no longer live in. I informed them that legally that it was not my responsibility and that they needed to contact the old roommate. They are continuing to contact me regarding this. What should I do?

My ex signed a form to take me off of our apt lease. He was evicted, and it is now a judgement on MY credit!?

My ex signed the apt form to remove me from our apt lease, and 4 months later he was evicted. I had already moved out, and currently have my own apt (I have paid on time for 8 months now). I was never contacted or served with an eviction notice or court information. I happened to check my credit report, and saw the judgement on my credit. I contacted the apt office/manager to find out why I was added to the judgement, even though I was no longer a tenant. I was told that my info would not be sent to collections for owing this amount but that it will reflect on my credit/records. How do I remove the judgement (which I had no fault in & was never told of any court proceedings) from my records? My score has gone down!!

Did you know that “Lehi” is the Israeli terrorist group that attacked the British in order to form Israel?

Lehi (IPA: [‘l?xi], Hebrew acronym for Lohamei Herut Israel, “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel”, ??”? – ????? ????? ?????) was an armed underground Zionist faction in the Palestine Mandate that had as its goal the eviction of the British from Palestine to allow unrestricted immigration of Jews and the formation of a Jewish state.

Isarel used terrorism to form the country…
I don’t hate Israel, but I do love the truth about all things in order to form an educated view of a matter. I often see people blaming the entire population of Palestine for the acts of terrorists yet I am certain that these same individuals are clueless as to the Israeli terrorists group(s).
In defense of Israel’s terrorists group, jack (below) states: “The difference between Freedom Fighters and Terrorists is that Freedom Fighters don’t go killing their own people or attacking others on foreign soil.”

Jack apparently isn’t aware that Lehi was listed as a terrorist organization ALSO jack ‘s own statement (copied above) would implie that the PLO and Hesbolah are Freedom Fighters as they do not attack their own people nor on foreign soil as Israel settlements is on Palestine soil. Next time, think it through jack, will ya…