Landlord found out about my little dog please advise.?

i have been living in a 3 unit apt for ten years with my husband and two little boys. this is a NO pet apt. and 3 months ago i rescued a little chihuhua and we decided to keep her. she is very quit and calm. and everything was fine until my downstairs neighbors told on me (which they say are very sorry for doing that ) and he showed up at my door and told us the dog has to go. i had been on celexa for a year until i found the dog and slowly came off the pills and my dr. was very happy and told me that the dog probably had something to do with it. i now am going crazy since this morning and dont know what to do. my landlord is an attorney in san diego, who comes by once a month to collect the money from the laundry room.. he does not live on the premises. my neighbors told me go ahead and keep the dog and if he asked we’ll say that she’s gone, but i dont want to lie and be evicted incase he finds out. is there a law or anything that i can do to keep my dog. please advise. tx

Being evicted i need to know my legal rights and what i can do.?

A little background info about the problem.Me and my 2 other roomates were living at our apartment for a little less than a year. My other roomate who had his name on the lease took it off so for us to stay there we had to add our names to the lease. The management company im dealing with is very disorganized and they are claiming they did not receive one of the forms needed for the application. We paid this months rent and they are saying that we have to move out by the 18th. When i called the management company they were not helpful at all even when i told them we gave them everything. What can i do to fight this eviction what are my legal rights? any help would greatly be appreciated.
I currently live in California. The only person on the lease was my other roommate who moved out but they told us that we could add our names and we gave them all the proper forms and now they are claiming we have to move out.

Does a landlord owe a duty to ensure that a well on the leased parcel always contains water?

I cannot find any authority for whether a landlord is responsible for ensuring that a parcel serviced by a water well always has water (i.e., is responsible for drilling a new well if the water table drops too low.). This is a commercial lease that doesn’t mention a well.

I have searched all California cases as well as all state and federal cases, secondary sources including Matthew Bender Cal. Forms of Pleading & Practice, MB Cal. Transaction Guide, and other treatises, and law review articles. My best guess is that because the covenant of quiet enjoyment does not apply to the actions of people who the Landlord’s other tenants, the actions of the Tenant’s neighbors in pumping ground water and lowering the local water table do not constitute a constructive eviction by the Landlord. Does anybody know the answer or have any suggestions on where else I can look?
Edit: I meant to say, Quiet Enjoyment does not apply to actions by people who AREN’T the landlord’s other tenants.

Also, this is a commercial lease and the premises is not hooked up to any municipal water supply. It is a private well.