If god created a perfect world…?

… with no disease or any sort of harmful bacteria or viruses… If these things came from the fall of Adam and Eve being kicked out of Eden… If disease, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and all other forms of life harmful to humans was a result of sin AFTER leaving the garden…

Why did god give humans immune systems?

NOTE: If you say “We developed it after we left the garden” or “God gave it to us after the Eviction” then that means humanity (and all the life in the world that was previously UNHARMFUL to humans) changed. If only they had a word for organisms changing throughout the course of time…
Apostle Jeff: Then why even create Eden and the Tree of Life? By your argument he already KNEW we’d fail, so why not start from outside the garden?

Was I illegally evicted?

Me and three others had a rental house for a 12 mo term(July is the last month). We paid security, first and last months rent at the beginning and were on time with our payments until this month(June) when we only paid half by the deadline. We had a break-in last month so we all opted to move out but since we were still paying for the house we decided to use it as storage and a hangout spot since its on a lake.
Monday June 21st my roommate went to the house to find the locks changed and everything inside thrown outside in the driveway. There was a notice of eviction on the door, but we had not received any prior phone calls or other forms of contact from the landlord about it.
Every time I try to call the landlord she acts clueless and her son takes the phone and threatens to have us arrested for harrassment if we keep calling her. I’m concerned that they’re evicting us illegally since none of us saw a notice to quit or were informed we were being evicted. I just want our money back (3400 in June/July rent and security). What should I do?
This house is in Connecticut. We do not want to live in the house, and we told the landlord we would happily end the lease early but she declined, hence our continued use of the place. I am concerned mostly that none of us recieved a copy of the notice to quit, which I believe is required by CT state law.
I realize that we broke the terms of the lease by not paying full rent, but I’m convinced that they went about the eviction process the wrong way.
I should also note that her son acts like he himself is the landlord and has disliked us since the start of the lease. He spent the first week in an RV outside the house plugged into our electricity(in my name) and when I asked him to leave he was very rude and threatening. He has lied to us in person and over the phone about almost everything and I would not put it past him to do anything illegal at this point.