What kind of attorney handles Landlord/ Tenant situations?

Real Estate ESQ.’s mostly handle Estate Planning. Litigation handels law suits of all sorts.

What type of attorney handels Landlord /Tenant issues frequently that would have tons of experience with these types of situations.

PS.I did look in the yellow pages and nothing under Landlord/ Tenant Law.
I looked every where. Please no suggestions of where to look.

Answer only if you know the answer.

Employer missed the Deadline on my W2. Lawsuit?

I think I had the right to expect to receive my W2 before the 31st (the day I’m actually writing this) and I planned accordingly. As such, I’m now going to miss the deadline set by my landlord for payment of my rent. I was relying on my tax return to pay the back rent and now I will my landlord will be taking legal action to have me evicted and make sure that they are able to collect on my rent. This is almost an automated process for them. As such, even if I am able to pay my rent and avoid the eviction if, as my employer claims, I will recieve my W-2 forms on Monday, February 2nd, I will still owe my landlord for the courtcosts as is a part of my lease agreement. Because my employer has missed their legal deadline for providing me with last years W-2 forms I feel they are responsiable for my misfortune. Is this grounds for a lawsuit?
I’m sitting here in my office, so I -know- that they aren’t even going to recieve them for the purpose of mailing them out today. They will deffinately -not- be postmarked by today if they should have to mail them to me. And yes, I know, I should have paid my rent. The question wasn’t “Can I have a lecture?” it was “Do I have grounds for a lawsuit?” and if you don’t have any legal expertise feel free to keep unhelpful oppinions to yourself.


i looked at a duplex with the main reason behind it to find a house with 2 buses running to 2 different schools to get my girls to and from school. i told the landlord this, he gave me the impression there shouldnt be a problem, didnt confirm 100%, just pushed me in the right direction. asked if he would hold the house for 1 month w/a deposit he said no but to fill out an app anyway…so thursday night i did that…friday evening he emails me and says we have the duplex and would need to pay half months rent for 9/15 move in date…but to sign the lease and bring a deposit of $900 and meet him that sunday…well i went ahead and did as he requested..found out the following week when the bus barn was open that neither bus ran thru that neighborhood..i emailed him and told him we were misinformed and needed to void the lease and get a full refund of my money..in his lease it states the lease is not in effect until the landlord gives the tenant a signed copy of all involved…he had not done this yet so i figured i was still within my legal rights to void the lease…he says he is now out all of this money in a matter of 3 days and would refund $400 and if he rented by the 15th would give me another $200…can he legally do this? several people–landlords, attorneys, friends, etc are saying he is being dirty and just trying to intimidate me…i dont want to waste my time with small claims court if he actually can do this…can someone please help me?

Shall I pay for the Judge’s mistake?

I have a property and its title was held by a LLC. Due to the tenant’s failing to pay her rent, I file an eviction in Superior court of California, Alameda county in October, 2008. After the tenant was evicted, I filed the default court judgment for the rent recovery in December, 2008. Judge Frank Roesch was assigned to the case. After I had worked with Judge Frank Roesch for more than six months, he suddenly told me that awarding me the eviction judgment was the court’s mistake, and working with me for the default court judgment was anther mistake. He said I could not represent a LLC. What a mistake is it? In last ten months, I have filed and revised the court papers for more than 10 forms, and I clearly stated that I was not an attorney in every form, Had Judge Frank Roesch ever reviewed any of the forms I submitted?

If the law does not allow me to represent my LLC, the court should reject my filing at the beginning, then, I might just transferred the ownership to my name immediately, and reissue another 3-day notice. In that case, all my loss is a 3-4 days of time. But now? Shall I have the tenant move back to the property and restart the eviction process?

Why could Judge make any mistake for free, but I have to suffer the consequence? Why should I pay for the Judge’s mistake?

Meanwhile, one way, Judge Frank Roesch asked me to hire an attorney, at the same time, he also told me that I would never have a chance to get my rent back anyway. It seems to me that Judge Frank Roesch already determined that he would never let me win the case, but, before he gives the judgment, he is more likely to see not only I lose the case but also I waste my attorney fee? What a judge Frank Roesch is?

Also, according to Judge Frank Roesch, another reason Judge Frank Roesch rejected my case was that he told me that I already took the benefit from holding the property with a LLC, I should only get one way or the other, but both. Is Judge Frank Roesch a business man or a judge? Does Judge Frank Roesch judge a case according to the law, or based on how much favor he is willing to give each party?

Even worse, the tenant has never showed up for any of the court hearing, but Judge Frank Roesch just totally ignored such fact. Why does not the tenant need to worry about her absence from the hearing? Could it be possible that Judge Frank Roesch has some kind of relation with defendant?

PLEASE HELP: Enclosed Trailer Needed (Southwest Florida): Do you have a trailer you want to get rid of?

It’s a long story, but my daughter and I are going through probate for the house we live in. It was my mother’s home and when she died just before Christmas, the house became part of a very ugly probate process.

Even though we are 50% benefactors in the will, we are about to get evicted.

I have injured my back and am due to get an operation so money’s very tight right now.

We need an enclosed trailer to put our belongings into so that if the eviction goes through, we can pack up quickly.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I forgot to mention the house is in the same sad shape it was left in since Hurricane Charley. The estate is sitting on the insurance money.
I check Craigslist, e-bay, autotrader, and the local paper everyday, too.
Pods are a great idea, but they won’t work for us since we don’t know the exact time period this is going to happen in or, for that matter, where we are going to be forced to go to.