Your Opinion Please?

when i asked the question the first time nobody clearly understood me so let me clarify: I’m renting an apartment and the leasing office wrote $900 on the lease as my rent amount. I’ve been living there for 3 months now, and recently they tried to underhandedly have me sign some ‘forms’ so they could change my rent to $1100. They never came out right and said , “We made a mistake….etc” They sent us a threatning notice of eviction if we didn’t pay the difference . I refuse to void out my binding legal contract for a new one, just because they made a mistake. That’s not my problem. So i told them to speak with my lawyer if they have a problem. Aren’t i in the right?

How to find Attorney to sue City?

Live in Sav’h, GA, was flooded in home rental(lived in 9yrs), lost so much. City’s drainage pumps shut down, home had flooded many times before. So, w/all attorneys in yellow pages, how do you find one that’s willing to take on this, w/out having to pay up front? being on disability doesn’t give me much $$$ to hire one. Tks, and God Bless for the advice. What are points for on this site also? This happenned past July, Red Cross helped as much as possible, but still trying to make ends meet by paying for lost utilities, all that Red Cross could not cover. Flood house has been sold since then, but know landlord made kickback from Ins. Co., and would like to know if he benefited from any of things we lost from his Ins. Co. and do we have option to sue him also, since we didn’t know in beginning that it was a flood home?

Emergency Motion To Stay?

How can should I file an Emergency Motion to Stay for an eviction case where a 24-hour notice has already been posted on the 28th of September? I didn’t know I had that option as I was too busy looking for other places to leave, but quite frankly, I would like to try this option given that I have the money own in rent and would rather pay it. How should I word it? Are there specific forms to file?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.