Anyone knows of an attorney that specializes in apartment rentals?

I have been having a dispute with my landlord. I pay my rent on time every single month. However, she still complains to me about every little thing. Isn’t this bordering on harassment? It’s like leave me alone, I pay my rent on time so why are you bothering me. I am getting to the point that I want to take this person to court because of the mental anguish that she has caused. Anyone knows of any qualified attorney that would take this case?

Do I have to pay solicitors invoice?

Long story shortened; I asked my letting agent how much a court eviction would cost to get possesion of my flat back? They told me £150 so I said go ahead. Next thing I know I receive an invoice from a solitor for £338 for the court order and work done at £160 per hour for completing the form. Along with this invoice was a copy of the solictors terms of business asking me to sign to agree there charges?? This was the first I heard that a solicitor was involved as I assumed the letting agent would be dealing with it. Anyhow I have changed my mind and don’t wish to evict my tenant at this time. I haven’t instrcucted any solicitor, and I haven’t signed there terms of business, surely they don’t feel I am liable for costs of doing work for me without me instructing them??

Please help!
Yes UK! No the £150 court fee is payable to the court, and since this hasn’t been filed I feel I owe nothing? even if the solicitor has an agreement with the letting agent, this still doesn’t negate from the fact I haven’t agreed to the solicitor doing any work for me?