serious question on getting evicted?

Ok so I live in ohio there is a program out here called ACT. They help you pay your rent and or utilities if you loose your job. The only stipulation is that yo have to meet some requirements. A very close friend of mine was going through this organization to help with her rent after she got laid off they told her that she had to attend GED classes in order to receive help. She complied with the requirements and paid her amount of the rent that was agreed upon. As of today may 27th she received a eviction notice form her landlord stating that she was 1400 dollars behind. When she called ACT they told her that they only help out for a certain amount so they had stopped paying their half and she was never notified of this, nor was it ever explained to her when the agreement was made. Also the landlord added on to the eviction that she was subletting the apartment when she had her 13 year old daughter move in with her, I don’t see how that is considered subletting when her daughter is a DEPENDANT! I am just curious if anyone thinks this is a little odd and if there maybe any ideas on how to go about this and what to do to possibly do to stop the eviction process. As of today she has 3 days to leave. She also just paid her half on friday before she received the notice.