My landlord didnt pay mortgage and house foreclosed- what can I expect?

The home we rent was sold to the bank 3 days ago. Our landlord said he will return our August rent and security deposit.
Now we’re just waiting to hear from the bank.
We already know our RIGHTS, but I’m curious to know the experiences of anyone else who has been through this. Our attorney said we could be contacted any day, or it could be months. We were also told some lenders will pay the tenants to move.
Any personal experiences or insights would be great.

10 cool points- Did I made a better choice relocating?

I’d recently move out of the area of Norfolk, back to Spotsylvania, due to a eviction form the last place I stood at and staying with a former friend of mine, who was cool for a while, but told her Australian lover friend about me behind me back, saying “he’s not into heavy metal music, he’s acting weird, into the dumb stuff, etc.”, while she was on WEBCAM and I had to stay in a room for (not kidding) 03 hours until I had to come and stuff. Plus, told her that I’ll pay her $100 for letting me stay, but didn’t sign no agreement to it and also put me down at times. I was wondering, did I do the right thing and since I’m no longer there in the area, Norfolk VIRGINIA & Spotsylvania VIRGINIA are two different and jurisdictions, right?

I was late on my rent in April but due the eviction was a conflict with roommate, over tampering with food and drinks (which was 100% false b/c I was never there in the day time) and claim they had me on camera (which also was false, b/c there wasn’t one at all). This led to argumentative confrontation (negative and verbal, plus use of profanity) and the co-landlord siding with the roommate and gave me an eviction notice. Since then, I’d return to Spotsylvania and made a better feeling here (plus, meeting a new person I really enjoy being with and having a great personality, and smile).

Can you help me out here on everything I said here, please?

Can utility payments be considered towards “non-payment of rent” for a 3-day eviction notice in FL?

My landlord has made his intention to evict me clear, and has thus far supplied an illegal 15-day notice (He tried to evict me for not keeping the premises clean, but did not provide the mandatory 7-day notice to fix beforehand). He then accepted another month’s rent, but made it clear his intentions have not changed as “his friend wants to move in by January”.

He has also made it clear he intends to keep my security deposit one way or another, whether it’s in payment for a door he wrongfully believes I broke (I could not have done so, as I was at work when it was broken, and, well, I’m a 5’6″ 95lb girl who had NO visible marks on her hand) or in payment for the elimination of a roach infestation he wrongfully believes I brought in (There were roaches in the house before I moved in).

As such, I have decided to forgo paying this month’s electric bill. Not only do I need the money to afford the deposit and first month’s rent at my new place, but I do not feel that it is a fair split of the bill – one of my roommate’s sons lived on our living room floor for the past three weeks without my consent, and the bill clearly shows an unusual spike in both electrical and water usage consistent with his living there.

As of right now, to evict me he would have to go through the 15-day eviction notice process. However, in light of my not paying the electrical bill, could he change that to a 3-day notice to vacate? As far as I can tell, in Florida the 3-day notice applies solely to the non-payment of rent, and my utilities are not included in my monthly rent payment, but could it, in fact, count? There is no formal lease, only e-mails exchanged between myself and the landlord when I responded to his craigslist ad.

Thank you!

I have a property in houston Texas, The lease expired and the tenant refuse to vacate.?

Tenant keep paying rent but I need to get back the property
for other purpose. Tenant refuses to vacate. A few month ago
I had a chance to file an eviction in Harris County JP court
since the tenant rent was late. The form I filed is “Petition for
Eviction Based on Non-Payment of Rent”. The tenant paid
rent but still refuse to vacate. I can do nothing since the court
judgment was “Pay or Vacate”.

But I just want the tenant move out. I have sent the tenant
“Tenancy Termination” notice month after month, But it is
useless. I don’t know what Eviction form I need to file
because the only eviction for I can find in the JP court is the
form based on non-payment. Here is the court web site.

Thank you very much.
Thank all of you answered my question. I read the instructions and it does mention eviction suit on over-hold property. But it seems doesn’t provide any suitable form for that. I may try to raise rent 15% next month to see what happens.