Alberta Eviction Help?

I have a house in Calgary, Alberta, and I need to evict my tenant. On which site can I find a free form template or whole notice form? The form must apply to Alberta tenancy. Thanks!
The tenant doesn’t have the money to keep on living at the property unfortunately 🙁

Is it legal for a landlord to average the cost of utilities?

I just moved into my own condo, and I’ve been comparing my costs for utilities (gas & water) to what I was paying at my apartment. They were charging me DOUBLE what I’m paying here, plus a $5.00 service fee for the privilege. My usage hasn’t changed.

The complex was fairly large, one of many run by Arnel Management, owned by billionaire George Argyros. Apparently, he can’t afford to individually meter each unit for their usage, so instead, they average out the total costs of water and gas over the entire complex. Each tenant pays according to the size of their unit.

Well, I was in one of their larger units, but I was a single woman! So I was paying the same as the family of 4 or more! Obviously, this isn’t fair, but IS IT LEGAL?

If it’s not legal, what next? Better Business Bureau? District Attorney? Who? This is in the state of California.

How would Democrats and Republicans in Washington react to these transitional demands?

the Socialist Equality Party propose as a bridge to socialism?

Universal employment, unrestricted access to quality medical care and education, decent housing, the cancellation of foreclosures and evictions, automatic adjustment of wages in line with inflation, the democratization of the workplace, unrestricted inspection by the public of the financial records of corporations and financial institutions, establishment of restraints on executive salaries, reduction of working hours with no loss of pay, imposition of a genuinely progressive income tax and significant restriction on the transfer of massive personal wealth via inheritance, nationalization and the establishment of democratic workers’ control of large corporations vital to the national and global economy, dismantling of the national “volunteer” army and the transfer of authority to popular militias controlled by the working class and with elected officers, and other demands of a democratic and socially beneficial character.

transitional demands will play an important role in the political mobilization of the working class to the extent that they form part of a broader campaign to develop socialist consciousness. The Transitional Program is not an á la carte menu, from which demands are arbitrarily selected, without the appropriate political context or reference to broader political goals. If the Transitional Program is to serve as a bridge to socialism, the destination cannot be kept a secret from the working class.
How would they react to real socialist consciousness in the American people?