My step-mom assaulted me on Christmas and admitted to it and went to jail, given 3 day eviction notice?

I have lived here for 2 years and three months and was planning to move out next month when I get my student loan money and then she attacked me. She was arrested and spent two days in jail and cannot come back to the house while I am here. Today I woke up to a “notice to quit” form filled out and saying i have to move out by january 4th at 1am. It is signed by my dad and his lawyer only, no judge or court personnel. I thought I would at least get 30 days? And someone told me it is a retaliatory eviction or that you can’t evict someone you assaulted or something? What do I do? I can move out but three days???

evicting tenant florida?

we have a tenant who was paying monthly and had a one year AS IS lease. the roof began leaking, my hubby tried to repair 3 times. want to build over hse so seems pointless to repair. renters agreed to move and signed a letter stating that they will use the sec. deposit for the month of aug and move out sep. 1st. they did not and asked for a few xtra weeks which we allowed but after another full month we began the eviction process. as soon as we did, the renters starting threatening to call code enforcement allegeing the roof fell on her child./ the house is not fit…
we are just waiting for our 5 day notice to be served by sheriff but anyone got any info on a sitch like this———– i have already read all the court packet/laws
thank you for your answers…
honestly the $ is the least of all—
we really just want them out

How liable is my business landlord for colluding with my competition?

I have an “exclusive ” clause in my lease that protects me from competition in certain ways which my landlord has likely “breached the good faith of”.

I have recordings of him admitting to me that my competitiors were in his office “on other business”, and he was encouraging me to revel secrets to him and them. I suspect that either he or his wife has invested in a formidible, new competitor across the street from me. Although, I cannot prove it. My business is now nearly ruined, and I blame my landlord for not honoring or arrangement, therefore putting me in a position of certain financial destruction. I can’t figure out how to prove he or his wife is an investor, without large amounts of expense. I’m nearly broke now. He and his partners are very wealthy so if there are any attorneys out there who might would take a chance on something probono, it could be a large payday. I know he revealed sensitive info, and at least was approached by my competitors for an investment.
The exclusive clause specifically states that the landlord will not rent or sell property to another fitness center on any property at this center or any surrounding properties across the street. (intrade for a lengthy,expensive lease) Although it is very specific, I would imagine that at least the lease should be severable if he violated the “spirit” of the contract and helped a competitor open directly across the street on properties not belonging to him. I’m thinking I could have grounds to sever the lease because he immediately put my ability to pay him at risk. It seems that a person should not be able to enforce a contract he deliberatley made impossible for the other person to honor.

what is the process to achieve an eviction for a person I allowed as an occupant at an apartment complex.?

i am only one on the lease this is a domestic case between husband and wife.I also am getting a restraining order on him but I have to wait for county be in on tues 6-1-10. Is there a web site i can download free Forms? He has depleted me and my resources. I cant afford an att. or to be beat any longer.I never signed any application .he set this up with the office then they called me with approval
posting for a friend
She spoke on the phone with apt. manager ( the sheriff was presant during call )wich told her this is between the two of them. Does this then give her the authority to serve him with eviction papers as well as restraining order so she can avoid future drama with keys, mail ect. since she is only one on lease? I would like to thank all answers on her behalf