When should I call an attorney about a security deposit return?

I moved out of a apartment on May 15th and as of yet I have not received my security deposit back from the old landlord. She is refusing to answer my calls and has not returned any of the voicemails that I have left her. There was no damage to the apartment and the lease state 30 days after I move out that I can have my deposit back.

Apartment question, Eviction…?

Ok my fiancee and I moved into an apartment July of 2007. This is in the State of Iowa. When we looked at the apartment there were a few stains and holes/tears in the carpet. The manager said that they would replace it before we moved in. The day we moved in the carpet was not replaced and we had no where to go so we had to move in with this carpet. My fiancee knew the manager, she worked at his high school years before. So we moved in with a verbal agreement that this carpet would be replaced and they would give us notice and they would take care of moving our furniture and stuff to have the carpet replaced. When we filled out the forms stating if anything was damaged in the apartment when we moved in the manager begged us not to check the carpet because she was suppose to have had it done before we moved in. So us being naive we didn’t mark it down. Two months into the first year we lived there the dishwasher broke. We had the maintenance men in to fix it, they said that the motor went out on it and that they would have to check with the manager to fix the motor or to get us a new one. We hadn’t heard back again from them about our dishwasher. We started to call at least once a week leaving messages and everything about It getting fixed. Well a year went buy and My fiancee and I could not find a cheaper place to live and he had just lost his job so we were forced to stay there. With us renewing our lease we got 2 free “perks” we chose carpet cleaning because by this time the holes/tears had gotten a little bigger and of course we had contributed a few stains to the carpet. December of 2008 nothing had gotten fixed no calls being returned nothing of that nature. My car got robbed Sunday after Christmas on there property, I went to the police station and documented it. The cops told me that this was the six or seventh time someone has complained about this. They let me know they contacted the apartment complex to notify them of this problem. I also called and left several messages about this so that they might hand out a flier or something so maybe someone would come forward to these crimes. The following weekend after my car got robbed and me calling the office everyday, I started getting knocks every hour from midnight to about 5 in the morning, Friday night, and Saturday night. I called to complain and I also called the cops, the cops said they didn’t find anything suspicious and left. I told the people at the apartment that I was afraid for my safety and I did not feel comfortable living there any longer. After that the Apartment complex left a note on my door saying that I would be fined $100 dollars for my dog running around my apartment at all hours of the day and night and barking constantly, if I did not fix the situation within 48 hours. I never got fined I finally got a hold of someone and explained that my dog does not bark unless someone knocks on the door or something of that nature and explained the weekend where my door got knocked on multiple times. And I also asked about the dishwasher getting fixed and now the garbage disposal was having problems, I asked about our carpet and the ceiling fans, and they said that they had remodeled an apartment and those things that they got for us were used in the remodeled apartment so they would have to order the supplies again. I then got a note the following week saying that the maintenance men had tried to come into my apartment multiple times to fix the things that needed to be, but that they couldn’t get it. I never received a phone call from them, of this issue and they have a master key so I’m not sure why they were not able to make it in. So I called again for a week straight and finally after a week of calling I got the assistant. I told her I would take a day off of work so they could come in and fix the things that needed to be fixed. They never came in to fix those things. So finally my Fiancee and I moved out of the apartment because he got laid off again from his job and we wouldn’t be able to afford the apartment. I was told by multiple people to just get evicted because I knew I would have a problem with these people. And I should mention that this complex had changed manager 3 times in the 2 months I lived there. So my fiancee and I moved all of our stuff out of the apartment. We called about 3 weeks later to let them know our stuff was out of the apartment. We never signed a thing nor did we ever say we were breaking our lease. We told them that if they would fix the appliances and the carpet that we would finish our lease. Two months later we got a thing in the mail saying we owe the apartment $2015 and will need to continue to pay rent until the apartment is rerented. Is this legal for them to do? Won’t they need to take us to court to evict us before we pay anything? I guess I’m not sure what to do in this situation. Please HELP!

Florida Tenant Law Question?

Renting an apartment. Have never missed rent prior to August. Have never had complaints, pick up after my dogs, get along with my neighbors….no issues. Paid more than half rent for August. Have heard this postpones eviction process for 30 days, or that they cannot evict if payment is completed before eviction process is court-sanctioned. Is this true?

Can only an attorney request a court for documents from a landlord such as utility bills/payments?

My rent at a Non-profit organization rooming house/homeless shelter includes all utilities. Back in September, the electrictiy was shut off. After nearly four days being off, one of the tenants decided to call the electric company who was unaware it was a communal living situation (14 women and children) they thought it was a single family home. When they found out there were infants in the home, they turned it on that night but informed us a payment hadn’t been made in over a year. Roughly a week later the gas was turned off, we had no heat, no stove, no hot water, no laundry. After 3 days, I called and spoke to the Mgr. (who also said unaware many people living there) the gas was turned on that evening and yes, I was told no pymt has been made since April 2009.

I was later evicted without due process. There are dozens of other infractions that some of the tenants are pursing (some are criminal).