I live in Florida and the bank just filed for foreclosure. How long do I have to vacate my home?

I received the papers 2 weeks ago that our bank is foreclosing on our home. I have not received any additional information, but we are not fighting the foreclosure. The truth is we can not afford our home due to my husband’s job loss. How long do we have before we are evicted, and what is the notification process for this eviction? Can they just show up unannounced and throw us out? I am clueless. Thank you.

How long before my landlord should return my security deposit?

I moved out of my apartment May 24th and still have not recieved my security deposit. My lease says the landlord shall return the security deposit in “reasonable time.” As I understand it, her husband is an attorney therefore the lease is very secure. Anyway, I (and my roomates) have contacted her several times already. She responded the first time stating that the checks would be mailed the week of June 11th. She lives in Texas so I gave it more than enough time to arrive (over a week) and it still hadn’t come. I then emailed her again and she said that she had just recieved our last water bill and she would send the checks along with copies of the water bill after processing that. (For our last water bill, which gets sent to her, she deducts the amount of the bill from our sec. deposit which was agreed upon at a previous time). Anyway, that was almost three weeks ago. It seems that she keeps making excuses, is there anything I can do because contacting her is not working.
I forgot to mention I am a college student living in a college town in new york. My landlord lives in texas and we have had nothing but problems with her since we moved in.
I just emailed her again and she apologized for the delay stating she has been out of town. she said she will mail the check tomorrow. 🙂 hopefully she’s sincere this time.

Eviction Posted On Tenants Door?

I have a new tenant that just moved in and has been there for two weeks only. She has no furniture and has a puppy in there that was not on the contract and a guest (boyfriend) that is keeping his vehicle in the garage and the place is dirty and dishes every where & she has two little boys that are sleeping on the floor. She has destroyed my garage door and I had to put a new one on for $350. She does not have anything on the move In Inventory form that there was anything wrong with it and it was all tore up at the bottom. The only thing I can figure is that is got caught on the boyfriends vehicle because the whole bottom was torn off. She said it was rotted. I went to make a repair on a small hole behind the door and that I when I saw the condition of the place & the unauthorized pet in there & the boyfriend sleeping there. I went home to get my camera and came back and took pictures. She has also left the two & seven year old boy by their selves because it was called to my attention by two repair men that were replacing the garage door & fixing the A/C heater. She filed a Police report on me for harassment. I posted an Eviction Notice on her door and now she is sending me E-Mails requesting her money back and she will leave. Should I go ahead with the formal Eviction? I am in Austin, Texas.
She paid $775 for the two weeks rent and a partial security deposit of $388. Real Estate agent got 80% of the first months rent. The rest was suppose to be paid by March 1, 2010. A total of $2325. First & last months rent and the deposit had to equal the rent.

Can a utilities company get money from our landlord after our bankruptcy has been filed?

After Filing for bankruptcy our attorney assured us that our money situation would be taken care of. A little while after, our landlord told us that the utility company is sending her to collections for our debt, of course she is a little angry about the situation and told us that she is going to get a lawyer for herself. We have already tried to call our attorney but he is out of the office. Of course we will try again later, but I was just curious if anyone has had this problem, and can they really go after someone else for our debt?

Eviction: Non paying tenant: After a 30 day notice should I give a letter to quit?

I have a rental property that is on a month to month lease. On 9/25 I gave him a 30 day termination to be out by 10/31/10. I went to a notary and also did the proof of Affidavit of Service. They now of course are not paying Octobers rent.
I realize this is now all going to be a process. The question is, since they are currently in violation of the lease agreement that states that they may not use the security deposit in form of payment of last months rent, should I draft up a 5 day Quit form and give it to them that shows all monies owed including late fees?
In Illinois, would it speed the process up faster, because after that 5th day I could file in the court house for eviction? And at least get the process moving in that direction?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

how can I evict a tenant for non payment of rent in broward county florida?

I have a tenant who has not paid rent since aug 2008 and her lease is due in 27 october2008. she had paid me first month and last month rent when she moved in oct 2007. I am not planning on renewing her lease and I had given her 30 day notice about non renewal of lease. How can I evict her for non payment of rent and end of lease as I want to move into this place as its my primary residence?? her husband is on disability benefits and does that help her from eviction process? How long it takes for the eviction process in broward county florida??

I want to sue my landlord and am having trouble finding an attorney. Possible illegal eviction. Help!!?

Ok, here’s what happened. I turned in my 30 day notice and one day while I was in the process of moving out my landlord walks right in unannounced stating he was unaware of my move out. I told him the notice was left in the office drop box (where I always put my rent). He went on to say that if I could be out by the 15th and to only pay half the rent. I told him I was unsure if I could be out by that time. I came by on the 13th and he was in my apartment claiming I had abandoned the property and failure of paying rent. He told me he already called a towing to put my belongings in storage. I called the cops but they were of no help. We came to an agreement that I had until the end of the day. Later on some lady comes by saying she has already rented my apartment. An hour later landlord comes in AGAIN and starts cleaning upstairs portion. Now I owe him 400 in damages where he overcharged me on a pair of doors, light fixture, and other things. I live in Texas. What is the law on that??

Do you have to give an eviction notice to a tenant on a government approved form in Ontario?

I need to move into my rental house because of my separation. I am in Ontario. I gave my tenants two month notice through a letter in November to be moved out by February 1.
Now I am being told that because I did not fill out a government form that my notice is not legal. Is this true? I thought any form of written notice counted?
And is it true that you cannot ask someone to move out in February because it is the middle of the winter? The tenants say they cannot find an new place to rent and because it is winter I cannot ask them to leave in the middle of winter.
Thanks for any help.

Need a good lawyer in NYC to bring my landlord to court?

My landlord has failed to fix leaking/cracking roofs for over 3 months. I tried to come to an agreement with him over these uninhabitable living conditions but he will do no such thing. I have no choice left but to hire an excellent attorney to get me reimbursed a few months rent. Can anyone suggest a good attorney?

Tenants’ rights in foreclosure – Texas – does eviction go against tenant record if LANDLORD’s fault?

With the increase in foreclosures, more and more renters are being subjected to eviction proceedings even if they’ve kept up on their rent. The family of a student at my school just received a letter from the entity that took ownership of the property they’re renting — at the moment, it’s unclear to me whether they’re renting in a large building, a house, or what — and they’re trying to figure out whether to accept an offer that purports to give them $500 if they (a) accept the offer by March 16 [7 days from the date of the letter] (b) completely move out by March 23 and (c) leave the property clean, etc.

The scary part is that the agreement calls for them to sign a form saying something to the effect that it’s a voluntary eviction, and if they don’t take the offer, they’ll have eviction proceedings filed against them. Apart from concerns that the new owner might find an excuse to not fork over the money (think it’s a big bank, but I’ll check), there’s a concern that officially the “voluntary” thing could look bad to potential landlords when they try to rent elsewhere. I’ve checked all the usual web site on tenants’ rights in Texas (TYLA, various tenant organizations, and so forth), but they only address things like how much notice. Nothing spells out whether the eviction is identified as being “no fault,” as it were.
Thanks for the help so far. I got to look at the documents again today, and part of the problem was that the real estate company’s letter calls things by different names than the actual paperwork does. The letter mentions that the “Cash For Keys Agreement … allows for entry of a judgment of eviction,” but the form the agent actually enclosed is labeled “Voluntary Vacancy Agreement” and doesn’t mention eviction AT ALL. So in addition to passing on your advice, we’re telling her to get the agent to clarify *in writing* if the CFK document she mentions is actually the VV paper, and to fix the part about an eviction entry. My guess is that she either pasted material from a different form letter, or was trying to allow for the fact that eviction can still be pursued if tenants sign the agreement but then don’t hold up their end. So long as they don’t ask them to sign anything *different*, the official documents are totally eviction-free.