How do I do an eviction in LA counrty?

I have a tenant thats giving a lot of problems is very behind with the rent. The city is involved for repairs that need to be done but this tenant has ruined my credit due to the fact that I’ve had to come out of pocket for the last few months. I need to know what forms are needed

landlord lied on eviction form…what can i do?

My son and I had renting a home semi attached to my landlord for over 2 years. we had very few problems with him aside from a few noise complaints from him…( bachelorette parties and such over the years) I was served an eviction notice for reasons stating that himself and his wife wanted to renovate the home, tear down the wall and create a lager home for themselves using both spaces as one….as i result i had to move in 60 days, so i relocated and found a new place to rent used most of my savings to get the place (first last and movers feees) which i had been saving for that 2 years so i could get the down payemnt money to buy a home. so here i am wayyyyyy behind on many bills living in a place i can barely afford… and savings,…haha forget about it. Now heres the kicker, not even 2 months after he evicted me he puts in new floors and rent s the place out to someone else!! can he do that? lie on the form and force me to move ? Please someone help me out here i don’t know what to do and i feel as if i had been taken advantage of.
there was no lease agreement…bad choice i know he was supposed to be a friend of the family and mabie thats where i made my biggest mistake

how do i respond to an eviction summons?

i fell on some hard times in california,how do i respond to an eviction summons? i know the forms but where do i send it if i have to send it to someone? do i go down to the court? helppp im lost 🙁 oh and its from the landlord not the sheriff