I got a eviction notice and im about to file a answer unlawful detainers form at the court, what do i do?

So after i go file for this form whom do i speak with, what do i do, i want to go to court and be heard, i been living here for years never missed a payment until this month and he cant give me a break, i believe its because i have a newborn baby and they usually dont rent to adults with children, but anyways how much time do i have to find a new place, please help

eviction notice for tenant?

any one know were i can get free forms for Eviction notice in english and if in spanish even better please help i really want to get my brother out of my property
My Property is in los angeles CA

Must I list names and addresses of both landlords on Complaint for Eviction?

I have served the 3-Day Notice (for non-payment of rent) on my tenants in my FL property. No response or rent payment. I am now ready to file the official Complaint for Eviction with the court. My husband and I own the home together, and both of us are listed as the landlords on the lease (with “and” between our names). We are separately and living apart, but still speaking and working together on this eviction. The forms don’t allow enough room for multiple names and addresses. Do both of our names and both of our addresses have to be listed on the Complaint? The notice didn’t really have the space either, but I wrote in my husband’s name and address. Not sure I should do this on the form to be filed with the court.

Where do I specify monetary damages/back rent/lost rent/legal fees during an eviction?

Do I specify this damge in the court complaint when I file the eviction with the court? Or is this filed separately as a civil matter for a separate trial?

Does the complaint form have a monetary section where you specify damages and what is acceptable in this area?
The tenants are 2 months into a 10 month lease. I already have tenants lined up/paid for the next term in June 2008. I’ll have to take a severe loss in monthly rent to get it rented by November 1st for a 6-month lease. This is the lost rent I’d most likely need to deal with. I was thinking 2-3 months of lost rent damages in the lawsuit.