Washington 20-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy

For all commercial rental properties:

Commercial Notice to Terminate Tenancy (“20-Day” Notice)

For use fore residential rental properties, other than in Seattle or Tacoma:

Residential Notice to Terminate Tenancy (“20-Day” Notice)

For Seattle month-to-month residential rental properties:

Seattle Notice to Terminate Tenancy (Seattle “20-day” Notice)

For Tacoma month-to-month residential rental properties, serve both:

City of Tacoma Resources Summary-Notice to Terminate Tenancy [City of Tacoma website]

Tacoma “60 Day” Notice to Terminate Tenancy

A notice to terminate tenancy (a/k/a  “20-Day Notice”) is used to terminate a month-to-month periodic tenancy. If the tenant fails to vacate the landlord must bring an eviction action (unlawful detainer action) and follow the same process as when a tenant fails to pay rent or commits other breaches of the lease.

It is important to understand that the nickname “20-day Notice” can be a bit confusing. This does not mean add twenty days to the current date. The date of termination must be the last day of a rental period. The notice must be served at least twenty days in advance.

For Seattle for residential tenants, even for a month-to-month tenant the landlord must have just cause to evict. Some grounds require more than 20 days, such as selling a home or a family member seeking to move into the rental property.

Tacoma residential month-to-month tenancies requires 60 days notice to terminate.

Your lease terms may require more than the legal minimum number of days.

The information on the page is based on the laws of the state of Washington. Landlord-tenant law is very different in different jurisdictions. Even in Washington the information on this website is not a substitute for advice about your circumstances.