What are the eviction laws in florida?

Our landlord goes around a couple days after rent is past due and passes out 3 days notices to pay rent to those who haven’t already. I heard from my neighbor today that after those 3 day notices they hand out 7 day notices to get out! I called someone I know who works at the sheriff dept and she said you have to be served by the sheriff to be evicted. She didn’t know much else. I thought that the landlord had to go through the eviction process which is usually like 30 days. Does anyone know what exactly happens and what is legal for him to do? Oh, and plus I found out by going online that these apts and all of the other apts he owns are being foreclosed. I’m not sure what to do and what the laws are.

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  1. Your friend at the Sheriff Dept is wrong.. It has to go through a Judge for it to be legal. The landlord can serve the three day notice, then if your not out he will file with the court, he can have it served by the sheriff’s dept or by a private process server, then you go to court and the Judge evicts you. All in all it takes about 30-40 days start to finish in an eviction

  2. If they have a Hotel/Motel license, then yes they can. However, since you said apt. I really doubt that is the case.

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