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Travis Scott Eller is an experienced eviction attorney who has served landlords in Tacoma and Pierce County for many years.  Mr. Eller regularly files unlawful detainer actions (evictions) in Pierce County, where he has argued many eviction hearings and trials.

He has taught Continuing Legal Education courses on landlord-tenant law, including landlord-tenant law seminars in Tacoma.

We have a Tacoma office location. However, office visits are not necessary to start an eviction.

Tacoma and Pierce County Eviction Cases

The eviction laws and procedures vary according to circumstances. We handle all types of evictions in Pierce County, including: commercial evictions, residential evictions, mobile home park evictions, and post-foreclosure evictions.

Eviction cases are heard in Superior Court in a given county.  For Pierce County that means the case will be heard, if a hearing becomes necessary, in the City-County Building at 930 Tacoma Ave South, Tacoma. We will give you more details if your eviction case gets to that point.

Free tenant attorneys.

Residential tenants in Pierce County get a free attorney in court. When an eviction is lost, it is often due to a procedural in the eviction process. Many errors can be avoided if the landlord retains an eviction attorney.

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