Seattle Landlord Lawyer

Seattle eviction laws. While Washington state landlord-tenant law applies in Seattle, Seattle also has an extensive body of residential landlord-tenant law that landlords must also comply with. These landlord-tenant laws include the Seattle just cause eviction ordinance, relocation assistance, Seattle rental property registration, tenant information packets (including voter registration information), first in time screening, and many more landlord-tenant rules and regulations applicable only in Seattle.  

It is best to retain a lawyer who practices in and is familiar with Seattle landlord-tenant law and procedures.  Our eviction lawyer has been practicing landlord-tenant law in Seattle for over twenty years. 

Initial Eviction notices. We can draft and serve an initial eviction notice (3-day and/or 10-day ,etc.) to help ensure it is done in a legally proper manner.  Many landlords choose to serve the initial eviction notice themselves. Using the appropriate eviction notice and serving the eviction notice in a correct manner is important for a faster and smoother eviction process. For Seattle residential evictions, be sure to use our Seattle eviction notice forms.  For Seattle commercial evictions, use the Washington state eviction notice forms.

Eviction strategy.  We have two eviction plans, Fast Track Eviction and Pay-as-You-Go Eviction. Fast Track Eviction is more aggressive and, while it costs more up front, usually saves time and money. Pay-as-You-Go Eviction costs less up front and will save you money if the tenant does not resist the eviction and just “gives up” early in the process.   Many tenants will answer the summons and complaint, if only to buy time.  Therefore, a Fast Track Eviction approach is sometimes more effective.

No middle-man.  Some other eviction services are middle-men–not a lawyer, and whose fees may be in addition to a lawyer. At our law firm, an attorney will handle the eviction from start to finish at a competitive rate.