need legal advice about paying rent in forclosing home?

Do i have to pay rent in a home i rent that is in the forclosure process. is there a florida website that i can ccheck a statute. i am month to month and have made agreement(w/landlord) to pay less but now being told i am not obligated to pay at all. What is the legality of this. Can she go and file for eviction even tho the home is mid process of forclosure? yes i know i need to move but if she isnt paying why should i pay. should i contact the bank and tell them i am paying her so they can collect from her or use this as a barganin chip to get rent even lower. i agreed to pay 1000 of the 1500 i am suposed to but now thinking about offering 500. i know i cant live for free and dont intend to but why not take advantage of the situation. they have been keeping my money since feb. and not paying the mtg. also the “”NOTE cannot be found(they filed to re-establish lost note) and the partner is MIA since December of last year. should i assume this will make the process even longer

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  1. uh…you need to pay because your rent is an asset of the foreclosure account and the bank probably has an assignement of rents and leases that you are responsible for.

  2. You should continue paying rent. You have a contract with this person and should honor that contract as long as you are in the house. You are not responsible for their obligations nor what they did or didn’t do.

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