Is it legal for a landlord to insist that you use his oil company to fill your tank?

My landlord is replacing his oil tank. It ran out of oil and I was without heat for fifteen hours in less than ten degree temperatures. That is bad enough but now he is insisting that I use his oil company to fill the new tank, I have always paid for my own heating oil using my own company which I am on a budget plan with. If I use his company I will have to pay all at once plus pay my own company because using a budget plan I pay on it all year. I suspect that my landlord gets some kind of discount on the tank if he fills it. I wonder is there are any legal eagles out there? Is my landlord within his legal rights to do this? I have written to the Attorney General’s office but would like some feedback.

Need lawyer regarding landlord – tenant eviction.Me b n the tenant?Story beleive it or not is100% true!Thanks.

I live n boise,Idaho. My name is David someone please help my wife & i.After receiveing an eviction notice that was not even legal-landlord came n 24hrs early & took everything that my wife & i had built togeather includeing both of our childrens belongings.EVERYTHING!Imade out better than my family only cause i was out of town working.Which gave me more than just the cloths on my back.I’m a sub-contractor (drywall)got stiffed over 4000.00 dollers.1 month of wage.Put leans on my jobs,but not enough time allowed to collect.Explained my situation & with n less than 60 days my wife our daughter Sierra (5) son Devan (12) were on the street homeless & broke with no relatives 2 call apon 4 financial help.(if they had it they would of gave it ).Since all this my family has been torn apart.Sierra is out of control-Devan went from an A student honor roll 2 C’s,D’s&F’s.Not 2 mention drugs.Wife & I since divorce not far off.If you no of an attorney willing to hear our story my # is 208-713-5687

Landlord Dispute / Insurance Subrogation?

Landlord damage dispute and insurance company subrogation?
Over the holidays I left my college apartment to return home. I was notified on Christmas Eve that my pipes had frozen due to me turning my heat off. The landlord informed me that this happened every year and the average costs were $1000-2000 for the tenants involved.

As terrible as this was to hear, I felt I could get through it. After a couple weeks I called the landlord again to see if I could get more concrete numbers. He informed me that the cost was nearly $4000 now, and mentioned some somewhat high costs for his own labor in addition to the company they hired to clean up the flood in the lower apartment. Amazed at how high the cost had risen, I asked if he could give me a HIGH ballpark figure where there was zero chance it could get any higher. He said $5000.

Approximately 1 week ago I went to pay my rent check and the landlord informed me that he now had all of his figures in, and after talking down some company $1600 (keep in mind the actual estimate should be $1600 higher if they didn’t talk them down) the new and final dollar value for damages was nearly $6900.

I recently received a letter in the mail asking for the $1000 deductible the landlord had to pay to have his insurance company cover the remaining $5900. The letter stated they were unsure as to whether the insurance company would pursue any claim to the $5900 remainder after the deductible was paid to my insurance company.

My question is this:

1) Based simply on my description of the story, does this seem legit or does it seem to have some issues that I may wish to fight the charges in court. I realize the legal system is expensive, and after attorney fees and court costs I may only save a few dollars if I actually win.

2) What in your experiences do you see the chance of the insurance company going after me for the remainder if I do go along and pay the deductible.

Thank you, all help is appreciated.

Landlord/Tenant Laws (On Repairs, Neighbors Breaking Into Our Garage, etc.)…PLEASE, PLEASE HELP?!!!?

Here are the details of our stay at our duplex:

1) The tiles in our bathroom’s shower literally fell off the wall, and we were unable to use the shower. The shower was unuseable for over three months after numerous complaints. They finally fixed it after three months, but did not fix the mold problem behind the tiles. This is a major issue, as we have a four and a half month old. Now, the tiles are already falling away from the walls again.

2. We have made numerous complaints about the faucet (that leaks and has NO cold water) and it has gone unrepaired for over three months. It is creating mold underneath the sink, and we have NO cold water at that faucet. It is scolding hot water.

3. Our landlords did not have a partition in our attic, as we share an attic with our neighbors. Our neighbors broke into our garage on at least two different occasions (we made police reports) and even broke the door to our attic in half, as well as walked on our cars and somehow messed with my radiator.

4. One of the people living next door was in jail for a few months (his wife stayed living next door), and we were not informed that our neighbor was in jail, until after they moved, and detectives are calling us asking on his whereabouts because he is supposed to be in jail again. Police have also showed up to our house asking where he is. He actually only moved a couple of blocks away, as our landlord told us, and we still see them drive by our house frequently. They yelled profanities at us as they were moving out (our landlord witnessed this), and they left a profane note in our mailbox.

5. After our neighbors moved out, the property manager told us to our faces he was sorry for the huge ordeal with our neighbors, and that it was illegal to not have a partition in our garage (allowing them to break into our garage and mess with our cars) and told us we could move out for our safety with no repercussions whatsoever. Now, our actual landlord is saying we are lying about the property manager saying that, and that we cannot move out without paying for the rest of the lease.

FYI: I spoke with the landlord today about this issue, and she was the most unprofessional, rude person I have ever spoken to. She said exactly, “HOW IS THIS MY PROBLEM?” And said, “I AM JUST TALKING TO THE WIND HERE. YOUR SAFETY IS NOT MY ISSUE; YOUR PROBLEMS ARE NOT MY ISSUE.”


We are concerned for our health, our safety, the mold, the issue of our supposed to be imprisoned previous neighbors breaking into our house again, not having water, and where to stay !!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP…IF I CONTACT AN ATTORNEY, CAN I GET ANYTHING DONE, OR IS IT POINTLESS??? THANK YOU SOOO MUCH

Can someone please help me regarding landlord tenant issue. I’m disabled & being charged rent for a companion?

animal. Upon move in i advised the landlord that i had a dog of which is a companion animal. He asked that i provide a letter from a doctor stating that i am disabled & my dog is a companion animal. I provided such a letter the day i moved in & the landlord told me if i wanted to move in I had to pay a $25.00 fee for rent for having my animal. I told him i thought it is illegal to charge a disabled person for having a companion animal due to their disability. He basically said if i wanted to move in i would have to pay it. I had no choice because i had already scheduled with my other landlord to be moved out on that day. I paid for a U-Haul to move my stuff, and paid transfer fees for utilities, phone, and cable. I’m on section 8 & had 30 days to find a place to live. My doctor wrote a night specifying that i had to move to a downstairs apartment because i’m having hip surgery in May & wont be able to climb stairs. I liked the apartment so i chose this place as my new residence. While i was filling out the lease the landlord started telling me about a lady who was a resident here who suffered from bipolar. He told me that she caused a lot of problems & that he’d NEVER rent to someone with bipolar ever again. Then he proceeded to ask me if i am bipolar. Of course, i said NO as i didn’t want to be denied an apartment by him. He also sent me a 3 day notice for late rent for March. I have a contract with section 8 that tells me what i’m suppose to pay every month. I told the landlord what that amount was & since i moved in on the 4th the pro-rated the rent. I was given a receipt for paying my rent & a month & a half later i get a 3 day notice on my door. Then to make things worse the landlord came to my residence yesterday, before the 3 days had expired & demanded that i pay the money by 12:00 noon. I had 2 hours to scramble around to get the money. Mind you i am disabled & have a hard time getting around due to my damaged hips & back pain. I was in tears. When i got the 3 day notice i called the office & spoke to the landlord & he started going off on me, telling me i’m not disabled and that i just want someone to support me. That i want a free ride & living off the government. He’s threatened me to call my section 8 worker & lie to her about me in hopes that she’ll take my section 8 from me. When i went in the landlord office by 11:05 a.m as instructed i was trying to write a written receipt & the landlord started in on me again…saying that i owe a different amount then what i was told by the other landlord that also runs the property. I was going to pay him what he wanted & just deal with it later so i would avoid eviction. I asked nicely if they could please write down that they were not charging me a late fee for March so that they couldn’t come back & say i owed them the money tomorrow & try to evict me again. They absolutely refused to write something for me & i told them that i’m simply doing as i was instructed to do by an attorney & he started saying I’m not scared of you guys. Meaning me & my 15 year old son that was with me at the time. Then when i kept asking & telling them i was entitled to have things in writing the landlord started threatening to evict me right then & there. They are a father son business, so i had both of them just attacking me & threatening me. (unfortunately, everything they’ve said to me is hearsay & i can’t prove it) I don’t know where i went wrong. I thought i was very professional & polite throughout this entire process, but i feel very intimidated by these men & very scared that they’ll evict me for a mundane reason. I don’t know how to defend myself against these men. They obviously have the authority & i don’t. I’m just a poor disabled single mom trying to survive. I also mentioned to him that i am disabled and that i was in a near fatal car accident in 2007 that has left me disabled. That i’ve had 3 surgeries since then & i have to have at least 4 more. I tried desperately to tell him that i’ve worked too & i would much rather be working like him then being on disability. I haven’t been able to work since the car accident. He claimed that i blamed him for my car accident when i hadn’t even met the man until a month and a half ago. He is so cruel! I have been crying a lot these last few days & feel like i have NO rights against this landlord. Please, can someone with knowledge in this area advise me on what i can do? I can’t get evicted right now when i’m having hip surgery on May 12th & i’ll need a in home health nurse for 6 months to a year. I’m feeling desperate for guidance in this situation. I’m scared! This man has it out for me & i don’t know why. He also told me that section 8 is a grant & i ought to be thankful i’m get a free handout. I tried explaining to him that i’ve worked & paid taxes too just like him. What can i do? I really thank an
Actually you’re incorrect in saying that the landlord can charge me a per deposit and or pet rent for my companion animal as directly related to my disability. I’ve already spoken with an investigator from the fair housing department, as well as the Human Rights of New mexico, and called the landlord tenant hot line. I was advised that it is in fact illegal to charge a person with a disability for pet rent or a per deposit when i’ve provided a doctors note stating why i need a companion animal. It is stated under Title 8 of the disabilities Act. You can research this if you’d like. There’s no question that the landlord is wrong for making me pay pet rent, as it is also stated in my lease that he’s unable to charge me any additional money aside from my rent because i have a companion animal that helps me with my disability.

Landlord in beginnings of foreclosure. Can I be evicted for non-payment?

I live in Florida. I have been living in the house for over 3 years and have paid on time each and every month. We have been excellent tenants even though my landlord hasn’t been so great when it came to honoring his end (i.e., taking care of maintenance such as plumbing and roof things that are in fact his responsibility) We received a summons that the landlord is in foreclosure back in April and he hasn’t been paying the mortgage since December 2009. We received what is called a Lis Pendens which according to an attorney my husband and I spoke with, is just the beginning of the foreclosure process. What my question is is that I don’t feel I should continue to pay rent since he isn’t paying the mortgage and we very well may have to look for another place to live which I do NOT want to do. I have tried to ask if he is taking care of the situation and only the NAME of the attorney who is representing him in this foreclosure case and they, already being hot tempered people, got very angry and said that what we were asking was “very personal” which I feel is ridiculous since I made it clear I wasn’t asking for details of the case or what he speaks about w/ his attorney, just wanted to know that someone was representing because that would show some interest in wanting to save the home from being foreclosed on. We asked if he would meet with us briefly just to discuss the situation, but he refused “saying that we should trust him and that he doesn’t have time for this or our stupid questions”. He does have several properties and I would imagine he must have someone he deals with concerning legal matters, but he won’t tell me who is handling this particular situation. He is also going through a divorce and claims that his wife wants the property even though it’s not worth anything and wants to sell it which doesn’t sound right to me in this market. She has to be aware of how the market currently is. He claims he’s going through an ugly divorce and that she wants “whatever she can get.” I also know that THEIR home is in both of their names and he also claims that she wants the house that they shared, but when I drove by their house there is a for sale sign. If she wants the home and both of their names are on the home can he sell it? Unless he is lying about that as well and they both have agreed to sell the house. I am so confused. I do see a red flag, but since he’s been hot tempered since the beginning I don’t know if it’s the fact that he is lying or just honestly feels he doesn’t need to give us this information. I did check what is called the docket sheet on my county’s clerk and comptroller’s website in the records search. We were served the summons on April 29, 2010 and to date there is no one representing him on this case or at least it hasn’t been entered into the system yet, I don’t know. When we last spoke with him to discuss whether or not to give him this month’s rent, June, he got upset and just said get out in 30 days. Can he do this? I just want to know my rights. I have a couple of 50 lb dogs and where I live it’s difficult to find a place where they will accept my dogs. I don’t know if 30 days is enough, but what bugs me is that I DON’T want to move I just want to find out the truth. If he is honestly going to try and save the home then I will wait it out. If not, I want to know. If I do have to leave I at least want some time to save money to move out. I don’t want him to just pocket my money while I and my family lose out. No way is he going to do that to us. Sorry to ramble so much, but I just though writing all the facts down might help someone give me some advice.
I NEVER asked for any personal information about his mortgage situation. All I asked for and this was the attorney’s advice was just to ask if someone was representing him in the case. If there was that would show that he did in fact have interest in saving the home otherwise he wouldn’t bother at all. That’s information you can easily get on the docket sheet and so far no one is so it’s apparent he’s letting the house go.
I do have an appointment to get some legal aid that will be more in depth. I didn’t think that I would be able to stay here rent free but I had heard that a reduced rent was possible, but he’s just not open to any discussion at all. Please everyone understand that I NEVER EVER asked for his personal information regarding his mortgage payment or his divorce I am an adult and DO understand that is none of my business. For the person who said it’s my fault that I have big dogs, are you serious? You must be joking lol. I think I know that it’s my problem.

Landlord breach of contract Not letting us move in and has money?

Me and my boyfriend were suppose to move into an apartment we found on craigslist on october 1st , we signed a lease that states the 1st would be our move in date. Our landlords changed our move in date because the current tenants were not ready to move out. On the 3rd we drove by the apartment to see if they were moved out , like we were told by the landlord(that they would be moved out on the 3rd) we saw that they were not moved out, so we contacted our landlord and asked what was going on. They told us the current tenants were now not moving out until the 10th and that we would not be able to move in until the 11th. I then sent them an email confirming everything we talked about and i got a reply that said we will just give you your money back tomorrow!!!. They did not want to confirm, and after calling them to ask why they said they did not want to deal with the apartment and were not renting it out. We then said fine when will we get a refund , he yelled at us and told us he was not a bank and we would not get 2000 cash back that he would give us a personal check. I told him no , we gave you 2000 cash over a month ago and we want cash back. Aboout 3 hours later i received an email stating if you want cash back you can meet with my attorney and sign a release for the apartment/ lease

i responded that we never broke the lease, that they did. and i contacted an attorney. He said he wants to write a demand letter for 6,000 for unfair and deceptive practices.

Also they have posted our apartment on craigslist every day looking for new tenants to move in , even though they have our money and we have a signed lease for the 1st of october.

They also discriminated against us because they asked for a co – signer simply because they said we are young. im 21 and my boyfriend is 22. They didnt check any of our references or do a credit check.

Now we have no place to live and are staying with his mother, she is moving by the end of the month simply because we were moving into this apartment. we signed the lease on 09/11/2009 almost a month ago

If anyone could please help us , give any advice, or if something similar happened to you , please reply. We really do not know how to go about this because were afraid he is not going to give us our money back and we are afraid they are running a scam.

Renting without a lease agreement and landlord is heading for foreclosure. How can I get my deposit back?

My lease agreement ran out a year ago. After the twelfth month, I continued to pay my rent as per the guidance of the real estate agent that found this house for me. As I have been hoping to purchase a home in the near future, I didn’t mind having a month-to-month agreement, but I am still probably 9 months out. I have just began receiving letters stating “It’s not too late to save your home” as well as attorney letters from the home owners association. I provided the landlord with first month plus one month security deposit when I moved in back in July of 2007. Is there anything I can do in an attempt to get my security deposit back? Do I have any recourse? Does anyone have a website that can assist me with this situation? Any advice is welcome. Thank you in advance for your help. Sarasota, Florida Renter

How do I get friends turned squatters out of my rented house?

My boyfriend who reside in Broward County Florida allowed two people whom he thought were friends to move in while he was out of town working. They agreed to pay him rent but have not paid anything to the tune of 3100.00. They also sold his boat and kept the money while he was gone. When he came back he asked them to pay or move. They did neither and refuse to leave saying “I ain’t going nowhere and it will take you 3 months to get us out!” Great friends huh? He had to go to work out of state but had his landlord serve them with a 3 day eviction notice. That was last week and they are still there. The landlord had the power taken out of his name and it was supposed to be shut off but was not. The power company said they will shut off in two weeks. The landlord thinks that my boyfriend will have to do the eviction process beyond the three day notice. Is this true? How the *?#! do we get these “SQUATTERS” out? Help!

Can my old landlord be charged criminally for entering a building he no longer owns?

Sorry this is going to be long, but here is some background information:

I have lived here three years. It is a 4 unit apartment building. I had 2 year long leases, then in the third year I didn’t sign a new lease because I didn’t feel like I wanted to live here for another year. I was thinking about renting a house instead of an apartment. So my lease automatically went to a month-to-month basis which I was fine with, and I paid every month up until now. In early November, my landlord was telling me that he sold the building and the “new owner” wanted me out by December 9th, 2009. As I was waiting for the landlord to return my security deposit so I could get ready to move, I received a letter in the mail from an attorney stating that they represent Wells-Fargo and that my building had been foreclosed as of November 6, 2009. It also stated that they are giving me until February 16, 2010 to move out (basically three months). Receiving that letter was a relief because it gave me more time to save money and find a new place, yet it also confirmed that my landlord was a LIAR. He never told me anything about him potentially losing the building, he just told me he “sold” it.

So I have been living here for a month so far, and no one has come to collect rent, or I haven’t received a letter stating where to send rent payments, so I haven’t paid rent for a whole month. I have it set aside just in case though. Hopefully I can stay here until February without paying rent at all because it looks like I won’t be getting my security deposit back now. I called my old landlord about my security deposit, and he stated that he will return it. I also have a text message saved of him stating that he will return it. I called him and now his phone is disconnected! The security deposit is a whole other issue…here is the real question now.

My water and heat was always included in the rent. Everything has been fine up until yesterday. The old landlord called me from a blocked phone number about a week ago to give me a “heads up” that he will be taking the utilities out of his name on December 10th, 2009 (5 days ago). I figured everything was okay because on the 11th and 12th, we still had heat and water so I figured he switched it out of his name to the banks name or whoever manages this building, if anyone even does, and that everything would be fine. Now on the 13th, I noticed that it was getting cold in here. I touched my radiators and they were not on at all. The lady downstairs from me controls the heat and she wasn’t home so I figured that she left for the day and forgot to leave the heat on. I wasn’t too concerned because it wasn’t that bad in here. It was tolerable. Now the next day, on the 14th, it was FREEZING in here. Now 2 days with no heat. The lady downstairs is nowhere to be found. She FINALLY comes home and I ask her why the hell did she leave for 2 days and leave me with no heat.

Here is the crazy part: She responds, “I haven’t been home because it’s freezing and I have a small child! I thought the circuit or whatever on the heater went out again and we have no landlord, so I didn’t know who to call!” So now we are both having the same problem, NO HEAT. She had her friend who is an engineer come look to see what was wrong, and he says that the heater is still working, but the old landlord CUT ALL THE WIRES. He said something about the electrical wires are all cut from the gas line. So she is going to get her electrician friend come out tomorrow and try to hook the electricity back up and then we will have heat. But as for tonight, it is 19 degrees with a wind chill of 4 degrees and we both have NO HEAT. We are the only ones left in the building. The other 2 units are vacant already.

So basically, the old landlord unlocked the padlock from the basement door and accessed the heater and cut all of the wires!! We have no clue why he would do that, especially if he told us that he was switching the utilities out of his name. We are guessing maybe he didn’t take them out of his name because he doesn’t want to pay his balance and he figured that he could just come and cut everything up so he doesn’t incur more charges?? Or maybe he DID switch it out of his name and he is just crazy and wants to see me and my animals, or her and her child freeze to death? Mind you, as of November 6th, 2009, he no longer owned this building. It is now December 15th, 2009…more than a month later and he entered the building!! Doesn’t the bank have to keep the heat and water on since they offered to let us live here until February 16th and it was included in our rent?! I am thinking about calling the cops on the old landlord, at LEAST to file a report, but I don’t want to look like an idiot. They will just tell us that we have to have proof it was him. But who else has the key to something no one else in the building has ever had a key to, other than the OLD OWNER?!

I live in Indiana if this helps at all. If you think you