Landlord Breached Contract and Has not responded to Demand letter Any Advice?

Me and my boyfriend were suppose to move into an apartment we found on craigslist on october 1st , we signed a lease that states the 1st would be our move in date. Our landlords changed our move in date because of previous tenants.. On the 3rd we drove by the apartment to see if they were moved out , like we were told by the landlord(that they would be moved out on the 3rd) we saw that they were not moved out, so we contacted our landlord and asked what was going on. They told us the current tenants were now not moving out until the 10th and that we would not be able to move in until the 11th. I then sent them an email confirming everything we talked about and i got a reply that said we will just give you your money back tomorrow!!!. They did not want to confirm, and after calling them to ask why they said they did not want to deal with the apartment and were not renting it out. We then said fine when will we get a refund , he yelled at us and told us he was not a bank and we would not get $2000 back without signing a release from the apartment(which we never asked for) would .
I responded that we never broke the lease, that they did. and i contacted an attorney. He said to write a demand letter for the 2,000 they own us , for first and lasts months rent which we gave to them about two months ago.

They had 30 days to respond to the letter and they have not, and they did not give our money back.

Also they have posted the apartment on craigslist every day looking for new tenants to move in , even though they have our money and we have a signed lease for the 1st of october. (they posted the apartment 10 minutes after they said they didnt want to rent it anymore)

Now we have no place to live and are staying with his mother, she is moving by the end of the month simply because we were moving into this apartment. we signed the lease on 09/11/2009 almost a two months ago

If anyone could please help us , give any advice, or if something similar happened to you , please reply. We really do not know how to go about this because were afraid he is not going to give us our money back and we are afraid they are running a scam.
thank you for all the responses we actually found out tonight that someone moved in today

so not only do they have our money but now there are tenants living there when we have a lease

Is my landlord obeying ohio law by not returning my security deposit?

My friend and I found a house to rent, and the landlord told us that it was a month-to-month lease. The rent was $700 per month, and the deposit was also $700. We signed a contract stating that a security deposit of $700 and first month’s rent of $700 were paid before moving in. My friend and I paid with separate checks that stipulated that our money was for half of the security deposit, and half of the first month’s rent.

Although my friend paid her half of the first month’s rent, she never ended up moving in. I paid the second month in full, and gave my landlord a 30 day notice telling him I would be moving out because my friend never ended up moving in.

Now, he is telling me he will only refund my half of the security deposit because I told him that she never moved in. He also told me that he had to fix two doors that were broken, and he would be taking this money out of my half alone before he refunds me, because she never moved in, so it is not her responsibility. He told me he discussed this with his attorney and that he “knows his rights”… but when I prompted him for the attorney’s name, he would not give it to me.

This sounds completely bogus to me, but I am not aware of the law… can you guys help me out? Or give me a resource to dig further into this? Thanks!

Landlord is trying to illegally evict?

Ok, to make a long story short we pay 485$ a month in rent. We decided one month to pay the current month and next months rent so we could get it out of the way. That means we gave our landlord 970$.

We went there, gave him the envelope with the cash, counted it and then got a cash receipt for it.

The landlord shows up a couple days later claiming we were 100 dollars short.

The landlord then wrote (very informally mind you) on a piece of paper that basically we were being evicted and attached his copy of the cash receipt with void written across the top. Which is obviously illegal, you cannot void cash receipts.

So we get a court date and then my Mother mixed the days up and ended up missing the court date which is totally our fault. Well we were given around a week and a half to move out or they are going to come in and put all of our stuff on the side of the road.

We have attempted to appeal the ruling but courthouse ended up not having the paperwork needed and we had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get the papers we needed. When we finally put in the papers we are told the judge is in today and will look at the papers. We called back today to find out he did not even show up.

The next day the judge will be in is the same day that they can come in an take all our things and throw them by the road.

What exactly can we do at this point? Who can we talk to? We can’t afford an attorney right now sadly.
I live in Ohio. I forgot to add that.
We went to a community legal aid assistance service but they said they couldn’t help us right now because they had too much going on basically.
Hector- The reason we are not coughing up another 100 dollars is because we sat there and counted on his desk the entire amount of 970 dollars. You cannot say that because you are a landlord with good ethics that every landlord is that way. I have had landlords that walked into my house while my mother was in the shower home alone. Not everyone is good intentioned.
White- I understand the case is solid. Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately it didn’t answer the question.

Help!! My landlord is not only holding on to my deposit, he is trying to bill me for things that are not true!?

I rented from a coworker who owned the Condo but him and his son were listed as landlords on the contract.

Before I moved out, the carpets were steam cleaned and everything washable was scrubbed from ceiling to floor. There was only normal wear and tear on the carpets. The walls only had a few nail holes where pictures were hung and the paint was a reasonable wear and tear from living there for 1 yr and a half. No stains, no holes bigger than picture nail holes. The windows were cleaned from the inside. Because it was 2nd Fl living, I could not clean the outside and there were screens. One of the window had a crack made from what appeared like a rock hit it. But it was obvious that it was from the outside (2nd Fl window).

The back door was also crummy and had gotten stuck on me since day one, It would never slide open unless pushed forcibly.

The lease was due on the the 15th and the rent payment was mailed on the 13th each month. After the first months, I was told that my rent didnt make it by the 15th and was going to be charged $50. However when I wrote a letter to demand other payment options and even offered to physically drop it off at the landlords house or western union it, the landlord (father – my coworker) verbally said it was okay to be mailed postmarked by the 15th and no late fee was necessary to be paid – at all.

The garage has flourenscent lights that his HOA removed when they installed electronic garage doors. (I’m being charged as well)

Turns out, his anal son is now sending us a bill holding our $1300 deposit, saying it is for charges for washing ALL windows, inside and out, the broken-from-the-outside window, filling holes, and repainting the entire house, Charges for a “stripped” back door, charges for 14 out of 18 months worth of late fees ($50/month)

Now I supposedly owe them $1200 additional to them keeping my deposit. I am so angry and feel so taken advantage of. I cant afford an attorney. I have pictures I took of the place when I left to show how good of a condition it was in. I cant find all of my rent stubbs. My landlord was suppose to do a final walkthrough but kept saying to wait for his son the be availiable so I finally returned the keys at work to him to not have my deposit charged for extra days.. so we neer did a final walk through,.

I know this is like a book I just wrote, but I wanted to give accurate details… SOMEONE PULEEEAASE HELP ME WITH ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO.!!!

Landlord won’t allow me to use my last months rent deposit towards last months rent! Is this legal?

I live in Marion County Florida. When I rented my home in July of 2010 I signed a1 year lease. I gave the landlord (real estate property manager) First and last month’s rent ($1350 each) plus one month Security Deposit ($1350) plus a $250 non refundable pet deposit. I just notified them that we will not be renewing our lease and he told me I can not use my last months rent (that I gave when I signed the lease) to pay July’s rent. That they hold the last months rent until after we move out. I have to pay July’s rent and after inspection of the home I would receive both last months rent and deposit back (if everything checked out ok). This doesnt seem right to me. We just bought a home and don’t want to have to pay two rent/mortgage payments in July. He said if I don’t pay July’s rent he will process an eviction on July 3rd! Is this legal? Thank you.

What all can i sue Landlord for?

When my husband and I met our landlord, we came to the agreement that my husband would work for him and we would get his pay to pay utilities with and use trustee assistance for he rent. When we moved into the house, all repair work stopped and the Landlord refuses to pay us as well as give us a lease and receipts. The water bill is in the Landlords name, and he refused to pay it and/or to give us the necessary paperwork to get it paid. We never received a copy of the bill. I have sought out legal help, and the attorney sent him a letter requesting him to turn the water back on within 24 hours. He did not do it. I hav children and we cannot afford to move at this point due to nonpayment from the Landlord for my husbands wages. I am planning on taking him to court, but i would like to know what all i can sue him for. Can I sue him for mental distress, annoyment, and child endangerment for putting my kids at risk? We have saved every e mail to and from the landlord. We have requested time and time again that the repairs be done like the kitchen floor needs redone where the tile is peeling up and the wood is splintering and my daughter gets splinters from it her feet, the kitchen window has a gap about an inch wide where the glass ends and the frame begins, there is no duct work to my sons bedroom, we FINALLY recieved heat at the end of october, the stairredoneds redonwe due to the steps moving under our feet. We was told we would have carpet, andhappender happend. This is all had me very worried due to the fact that the home as it standcondemnede condemed and we have nowhere to go.My children could be taken from me. I needno one and noone can help us. We wanted to be able to go to a hotel, and charge the landlord the bill, but we cannot even afford that. What are my options when we go to court?

Can my landlord kick me out?

my wife and i moved into a small one bedroom house in July. we paid a 475 dollar deposit (375 +100 for pets). our rent each month is 375. on October 30th, the city came by and put up a notice on the house saying we have to get out because the landlord owes $500 to the city. it states that his final notice for this delinquent fee was sent to him July 17th. it also states that until the fee is paid that he is not allowed to rent out the property to anyone. we called the landlord and he said not to worry about it saying it was a notice becuase he had an inspection coming up. the city also said since were getting displaced that we could have some assistance in finding a new place (getting $500 towards a deposit) we went down to city hall filled out the paper work to get the $500 dollars and THEY TOLD US WE DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY RENT. so my wife called the landlord and told him we were moving out. and he said that was a load of S**T and hung up the phone. he called us back a few days later and said he sent us a letter saying we have 3 days to move out. we contacted an attorney and he said that yes he can do this and we would prolly have to go to court where we could counter sue him for not making repairs (he hasn’t made one repair ever since we’ve lived here. the water pipes are all lead pipes still.) so my main question is can the landlord kick us out even though the city told us we didn’t have to pay rent? we live in Davenport, Iowa if you need to look up city/state laws but any help would be appreciated..THANKS!

Landlord left me in an apartment with a carbon monoxide leak.?

I have been living in this apt for about 2 yrs. I have been falling asleep and not waking up for at least 10 hours. I have been extremely sleepy, and not feeling right. ( I set 3 alarms to wake me up in the morning) none of my alarms can wake me up. I fall asleep for up to 16 hours straight. I lost my job because I would fall asleep at 10 pm, and not wake up until 4 pm the next day. Yesterday, people that want to buy my complex came with inspectors to check all of the apts in my building. They found that the vent to my furnace is disconnected, it was connected by a piece of duct tape that was broken. They were very insistent that I call my landlord, because “I should be dead right now”. I called my landlord and they called a heating guy to come fix it. He informed me that my furnace had not been checked since 2006. I moved in my apts in march 2007. He “fixed” it so that I “should” should be ok until tomorrow. He also informed me that if I should feel sleepy, turn off my furnace and go outside. I want to know what my rights are as a tenant? Can I get an attorney? I have fulfilled my lease obligation and have been on month to month rent for almost a year. I need to know what steps I should take to bring legal action to my landlord. Please help me. Thank you very much.

Nightmare Landlord-SLUMLORD?

I lived in an apt for a little less than the year. My landlord was a total nightmare to deal with. Slow to make repairs or return calls, wouldn’t follow up on complaints, etc. I than took a fall on slippery stairs and broke my tailbone, on the property. I contacted him to let him know and never heard back. Since I was without health coverage I had a huge medical bill, and he wouldn’t contact me back so I had to get a personal injury attorney.

He only contacted me by letter after I got an attorney and he sent me letters ordering me out of my apapartment on April 30th. My lease wasn’t due to expire until May 30th. He sent me the letter in February ordering me to move out in April. So I complied and made arrangements to move for the end of April.

Than on April 5th I received a duplicate letter telling me I need to move out by May 31. I contacted him and he said the letter from February saying the April date was an “error” and that I’m still responsible to May rent. I told him I will not be paying May rent since his letter ordered me out and I aalready had a new apartment and was set to move. After trying to argue with me about it, he eventually told me I could leave.

But now I have a new problem, he is now saying he has 20 days from May 30th to send me my security deposit. Rhode Island Law gives landlords 20 days from expiration of a lease to return a deposit. But my question is, since he ended my lease in his original letter, on April 30th, shouldn’t he be returning it from THAT date? If I he doesn’t try to keep it, but the apartment was in excellent condition and I have pictures to prove it…
I told him if he didn’t I didn’t receive it 20 days from the end of April I would be taking him to small claims court

I am a US citizen living abroad. Can I give my dad power to sue my landlord for me back in the US?

I held a lease with my landlord for 4 years. I have recently left the country for a job abroad. I gave my landlord notice, and he assured me I would get my security deposit back (I have this in emails). The terms of my lease says that the landlord must return the deposit within 60 days. It has been that and he hasn’t returned it and is not responding to my calls and emails. He is taking advantage of the fact that I am abroad and cannot bring a civil suit.

Can I give power of attorney to my father to bring a civil court suit against my landlord? My dad resides in the same county as the suit would be filed. He has original copies of my lease.

Will power of attorney work for this? And can I do it from abroad? It’ll cost me more to return to the states than the money I stand to lose from my landlord. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.