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At CCC Law Offices we not only help landlords and tenants formalize their lease terms, we also assist them when problems arise within the tenancy.  Such legal services include and are not limited to eviction proceedings, rent control, violations of covenants in leases etc.
Landlords are subject to strict landlord/tenant laws in the State of New Jersey. Landlords must know and understand how these laws can adversely affect them.  If you have a current legal problem as a landlord or tenant, let us know how we can handle your legal needs.
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In landlord/tenant disputes, the attorneys of the Freeman Hughes Freeman, LLC represent either party, bringing more than 25 years of experience to each case. Contact us and we can meet with you in a free initial consultation.

Griffin Alexander, P.C.

New Jersey Landlord Tenant Law, as well as New York Landlord Tenant Law, is a primary practice area of Griffin Alexander, P.C.; with the firm representing corporate landlords, management companies and individual landlords throughout New Jersey and New York. We are proud to represent over 70 apartment buildings/communities assisting them in all areas of landlord-tenant law.

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