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Tennessee Eviction Process

Tennessee landlord-tenant statutes require no notice to quite, but local law may require eviction notices prior to bringing an eviction action. [1] A summons and complaint may be served on any adult in possession, or under certain circumstances by posting. [2] The landlord may have the sheriff serve process. [3]

The eviction trial must be at least six days after the tenant is served. [4] The tenant may seek and the court is authorized to grant continuances of up to 15 days. [5]

If the landlord prevails at trial the court issues a writ of possession. The landlord must post a bond prior to issuance of the writ of possession. [6] At least ten days must pass before the sheriff can execute on the writ of possession. [7]

Either party may appeal within 10 days but must post a bond. [8] If the writ of possession was issued it may be executed. [9]

This is a short summary of the Tennessee eviction process. It is not a substitute for legal advice. Contact an attorney for advice about your circumstances.

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