and it continues….please help with this landlord/tenant issue?

more drama….i’m annoyed that i even have to ask these questions, but i’ve been scouring the internet and i’m having a problem trying to gather this information….basically my aunt (the landlord) is trying to evict some tenants as quickly as possible..
they’re in jail and we would like to get them out on “abandonment of premises” we live in florida and I am trying to find out the process for the abandonment of premises or would it be easier to just file an eviction?
if you have experience, or info please help. thanks

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  1. You should be able to go down to City Hall and get all the information and documents you need.

  2. Get an attorney. In our case the attorney had to file an eviction notice to begin with. It’s better to have one than not know what you’re doing.

  3. If they are in jail, just thow their crap in the garbage and get some new tenants. What are they going to do? They probably can’t afford a lawyer when they get out to go after your aunt, and the JP who would hear the case would have no sympathy for someone in jail not paying their rent. They probably don’t even have a copy of the lease.

  4. I’m in California, so i am certain things may differ legally, but you would be much better served if you hire a lawyer to handle this for you. If she evicts them improperly, even using the courts to do so, she could be in big trouble.

  5. If you file an eviction it would be faster. Because the person has 7 days to respond to the eviction if the person does not respond then the eviction will be served it depends on how fast the individual county get to their eviction. Or if you can get a wavier in your county to not have to use the sheriffs to evict people. It is hard to get people out of a place to live because they have so many rights because of past landlords being corrupt. Just go to your local sheriff office and ask them what you can do cause if you do the wrong thing you can end in court forever.

  6. You have knowledge of where they are so you cant file “abandoment” You have to get a lawyer to do so since you are breaking their contract.

  7. If they signed a contract with your aunt there should be a clause in there covering you to evict them for things such as abandonment, delinquent rent, absence without written notification n so on so read into the rental agreement and post an eviction notice if they do not comply with the notice they are in breech of the rental agreement and can be evicted. Make sure you put how long they have to respond on the eviction notice and the date in case they try to take you to court I hope this helps.

  8. I live in Florida as well. Have you checked your county website, you may have luck there. If you don’t find your answer call your county office and ask them, they should help you go down the right road on getting those people out. Good luck!

  9. Sticky situation! I am in Texas, and you must file eviction before you boot someone out, even if they are not physicaly in the home. If I were you, I would contact your local court house and ask what steps need to be taken.

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