I have a landlord who won’t fix things. I need to find attorney in Nebraska who can help me.?

there still housing codes that haven’t been take care of in the house I rent. I feel that the landlord thinks since I’m a lady, that he can tell me he’ll do things and don’t. I’ve had problems with my sewer, I thought it was fix but 2 days later my toliet wouldn’t flush, so I called my landlord and told him about it, he came over and looked at it and told me that my BM is too hard and I should start taking a stool softner and he was going to give me some information on one. Also while I was gone his handyman came into my house and trimmed his facial hair. He left his hair in the bathroom sink.

I need help posting an eviction?

I have a roommate that went to jail on Wed. I obviously dont want him back in my house and he still owes me rent money. I want to post an eviction but I am not really sure if I just hand type this my self and what do I say or do I get a form from somewhere, and since he is in jail, does the 3 day notice need to be delivered to him or can i still post it on the door? I have a quit form that i printed but I am not sure if I use that if i want him out and want to collect money. Somebody please help…….
To the mom that just posted. He is not paying me rent because he is in jail so will the quit notice work? I will have him served in jail that is not a problem I just didnt know which form to use. And yes I am the landlord with him as a roommate.

If a Judge dismisses an eviction case, can the landlord try the same case again?

In Florida…
Recently, my landlord started the eviction process for back rent. I was served with a summons. I answered the court within the 5 days and was granted a hearing to determine the amount owed for back rent. After I answered the court (on Jan. 30th) , I paid February’s rent on time (which he accepted). A few days ago, I went to court, but the landlord did not show up so the case was dismissed. The Judge also stated that because he accepted February’s rent, he forfeited his right to evict. Even though the case was dismissed, I plan on still paying him for the money owed ($650 for Jan rent). So, last night, I gave the landlord $300 towards the back rent. He accepted the $$ but then gave me a 3-day notice for the balance ($390–$350 due + a $40 late fee). He stated that he plans to still try to evict for the back rent if the balance isnt paid within three days.
Can he do this?

(Mind you, this is the same $$ that was brought to and dismissed by the court)

Received eviction notice on my door along with an invoice requesting payment…I can pay beforehand then?

I recently received an eviction notice posted to my door, due to reasons of job loss and unavailability of funds, which I am currently dealing with. However, there was also an invoice type form next to it detailing the rent amount, late fees as well as the court costs with a total at the bottom that stated where to make the check payable as well as to “return this notice with payment.” The notice has a court date set, and I have to wait until Monday to confirm, but I assume since it’s apparently suggesting I send in a payment I can do this before the court date to “settle”, for lack of a better term.
Note: I am not asking for smart ass responses, just a simple yes or no will suffice. Paying before the court date does negate the eviction process I assume.

Power of attorney question; I’m an out of state landlord.?

I’m at the very beginning of the eviction process on my tenants for non-payment of rent. My rental home is in Michigan, and I live in Texas. If this progresses along to the point where I need to appear in court for a judge to issue the Judgement, can the person I’ve granted POA to for this matter go in my place? I’m not hiring an attorney for this matter; I’m following all the legal procedures on my own and representing myself. This is a pretty cut and dry situation. No rent was paid, end of story.

EVICTION! What do I do? (single father)?

The office told me they would wait for my tax return to get in but instead lied to me and filed an eviction… I CAN’T have this on my record, and they did it all wrong. Nothing is filled out on the form because they didn’t hand deliver it, I got it stuck in my door on friday night, and I have to be in court tomorrow at 9am. That gave me yesterday and today to find a lawyer, because of monday being president’s day… Can I at least get this pushed back so that I can find a lawyer? I got the number to legal aid but it just says they are too busy, call another time, and has said that for the last two days… We had a verbal agreement that they broke! Two days to look for a lawyer is not near enough time when you don’t have any cash… What can I do?

Question about notary and eviction fraud in Louisiana?

What would happen if a landlord never gave a tenant a notice to vacate and just gave a piece of paper, not from the court, that said EVICTION NOTICE, had it notarized, and the notary also singed as a witness? The paper was delivered today, Oct. 14th 2008 and the date written on the paper said Oct. 11. without any mention of how many days to vacate the premises. I know the eviction laws in the state of Louisiana that states you must go to the city court and get the proper form that states the person must vacate the premises within so many days. After that, if the tenant doesn’t vacate, then you have to go to the city court and file proper eviction papers. Also, the landlord delivered the letter without a witness and just stuck it in the door. I would like some info on this as soon as possible. Thanks in advance
In response to the 1st answer…that is NOT standard procedure. I thought I mentioned it before that you must go to the city court to get the proper forms and the 1st must be a vacate notice and MUST have the number of days to vacate. I read all the laws on the city court’s website. Eviction papers are NOT NOTORIZED!! I talked to a notary friend of mine who told me that. Also, I mentioned that he put the wrong date on the paper which was the 11th. and served it on the 14th, today. I am exactly 2 months behind and he knew that, but wrote a larger amount owed that was more than what I actually owed and then slapped a fee on top of that. There is no lease…just a verbal agreement on a month to month basis.
I also was told by a notary friend, that a NOTARY CANNOT ACT AS A WITNESS…must be a 3rd party witness that signs a document.
Well in the state of La., a notary can’t sign as a witness. That’s what I was told by a Realtor friend of mine who is also a notary.
This is the link to the city court’s website that explains the proper procedure
it’s the last section on the page