can anyone tell me who is a good attorney in flint, michigan….My landlord didn’t?

my landlord has held my deposit for 40 days. i have not recieved any notices of any kind about my deposit..700 usd. I did move a few doors down to a different unit in same community…. I now own..verses renting….same place. I gave a deposit for new site… shouldn’t i recieve a notice of intent re: any damages, etc…why it has not been returned….they have not said or sent me anything…Please I need a probono atty…as I am disabled and raising two great boy’s….. I live in Michigan…read the law, I just dont know how to proceed

Do I (the landlord) need an attorney for a jury trial?

Im in the process of evicting a tenant and he is trying to buy as much time as he can. He has a lawyer and requested a jury trial and I just fired my lawyer for asking me for $9000 for the cost to go to trial which was nuts. His lawyer said thahe will walk if I give him $10,000. The tenant has no leg to stand on and has not paid rent in 4 months. Do I need a lawyer for a jury trial because everyone in court recommended that I get a lawyer. The property is in California. I can’t believe this is even going to a jury trial anyway. Please help.