Can a New York landlord be ordered to evict his tenant by the District Attorney?

Because the tentant has been convicted of a drug charge
his apartment was recently raided and the police found controlled substances and took him away. This is his second arrest. The landlord received a letter a few days ago ordering him to evict this tenant
The tenant was convicted of a drug charge and is suspected to be a dealer
Tenant lives with his mother in the apartment. The mother is allowed to stay, the landlord was ordered to evict only the son

Eviction Process in Florida?

My tenant is on a 3-day notice and hasn’t paid. I want them to vacate even if they pay rent. What should I do and is it legal to ask them to leave. I’m very concerned with this situation…..

Tenant-Landlord Attorney in the Savannah, GA or Liberty County, GA area?

I have not had any luck finding a lawyer that can help me with a case against an old rental agency. The agency is accusing my husband and I of up and leaving in the middle of the night. They have us in collections for $1400. Their accusations are completely false and I can prove it in court.

I just need an attorney first… Thanks!!

Florida Roommate eviction process….more details!!! HELP!!?

I am in Florida and have roommates, whom I would like to get out of my home. Here’s the skinny:

I am the only one on the lease. My landlord understood that I would have roommates due to their bad situation for a few months. But, they are not to be considered “regular tenants.” They have paid rent. They are not however using the address for voting or their mail. (When I say they, I mean that they are a couple.) It has only been two months, but I would like them gone!!! Can anyone start to help me out here 🙂 I would like to do this with out getting my landlord involved, it has to do with drugs and that is why I want them gone. Thanks to anyone with some advice. I will include more details if need be…..or if you want to e-mail me that would be great. trixxikrissi at yahoo.